green thumb #1

     Okay here is something I tried out. On pinterest I found an interesting pin on regrowing lettuce from their decapitated heads that we the everyday people buy from the store. Eat once and regrow forever: lots of veggies including romaine lettuce.

     But since I don't like romaine lettuce I used iceberg. I tried to use the bottom of the head as instructed but sadly this did not make me any zombie lettuce...

     Luckily I had also took the center cluster of yellow leaves and core stem and tried it this way thinking I'd get four. Wow this approach works, not only once it twice. I spy roots with my very own eyes.

 Root, root!

Aren't they green?
No wilting.
No browning
Not even discoloration near the toothpicks.

     Other than lettuce I have grown green onions and wow do they get potent. I should have taken pictures of them at the time but totally forgot. Warning, green onions stink up your house after a while which is why I tossed them.

     Carrots will be interesting if I ever get around to buying some. I'd love to know what other plants regrow from the dead.

     Disclaimer; nobody reimbersed me for this post (wish they had) but even if I had been reimbersed I wold have stayed truthful because I won't lie about a product due to the fact I'd hate to buy something and find out it was crap.


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