Pottermore; My Patronus

     Okay so I heard about the Patronus test on Pottermore which if you haven't heard of it, it's a Harry Potter website where you can find out what house you belong in, what wand you should have and behind the scenes stuff. Well they just came out with a Patronus test so I decided I'd take it.

Before the test I was hoping for something cool, I mean who wouldn't? Something with hooves, a fish, maybe a cougar or giant snail as long as it moved fast (yes I'm weird, I like snails.) Actually a frog would have been awesome but what did I get...

Pottermore; My Patronus. I got Bloodhound. Check out the blog post to read more than just the result of the test.
Altered screenshot from actual site.
This is the result of my Pottermore Patronus test.

A bloodhound, yep that's what I got. I like dogs, I have a dog but I kind of wanted something a bit wilder. okay I'm glad it isn't something I hate but not my favorite. A moose would have been awesome or a bear...okay pretty much I just like seeing moose and bears and rambling on and on about uninteresting and off topic stuff. SORRY about that.

I'll make another post highlighting my wand and what house I got in and what house I actually wanted to be in. Now if only I owned the Harry Potter books. I think the third book made it through the move somewhere, that's mine and it was bought at a garage sale but the rest were either from the library or not my books to start out with.

Also I've been hearing about a Harry Potter Cursed Child book and I want it so bad but as you just heard I don't even own the Harry Potter series, a wand or anything so I'm going to have to wait...maybe think up a DIY or something. If you have any craft project ideas about magic or Harry Potter maybe you could suggest them because when I get on Pinterest to look at them I kind of get sidetracked and end up looking at Harry Potter wand displays and I don't even own a wand yet...Where's my letter, Hogwarts? How many years do I have to wait?

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Disclaimer; lol I really went weird with this post. It's been how many years since I've read and watched Harry Potter? I really don't know, when was that last movie out? By the way #TeamWeasley....is that a hashtag? The Weasleys are the best and also no hint to what Harry Potter House I wanted to get on the test.


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