Pottermore; My Hogwarts House

     As promised here is a post on what house I got into on Pottermore. Did you guess right? Well we'll see about that.

     The house I wanted was Slythrin, is that a shocker? I love the house colors and I think snakes are awesome...as long as they aren't poisonous. They're just amazing to watch and are cute. So no I didn't get the house I had wanted to get. I guess the Pottermore choosing hat decided I wouldn't fit in with Slytherins.

     The house I was put in is...Ravenclaw. Okay not too fond of the blue even if it is one of the colors I commonly use. I'm a little hazy on the details since Ravenclaw wasn't one of the houses I really took notice of but is it true that their colors in the book and the movie are different? In one (I think the book) uses blue and bronze and the other uses blue and silver?

     Which one is legit, which one is the one to follow? I've heard people say that they can only find one version of the colors when they buy Ravenclaw products. I don't which one people say are the official colors, the blue/bronze or the blue/silver but does it really matter? They should put both colors out and claim that Ravenclaw is the only house to alternate with three colors instead of just two. I guess that makes us lucky.

Pottermore; My Hogwards House. Find out more about this fan art photo and the post on Night Sea 90.
The design of this image is mine, I think it turned out well considering this is my 4th attempt.
The crest and banner is accredited to;
By Jakovche - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15920926
I found the picture here
     Does anyone know any specific Ravenclaw DIY crafts? Even Slythrin ones or ones for all houses or diy projects for witchy things you think would be similar? It's October and I have zero decorations and have no plans on buying any this year T_T

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Disclaimer; If I had a witch's hat I'd wear it a lot. I'm wondering why I have no witchy things, I'm a fan of magic books and movies and style. Huh, that is a mystery. All I have are some rocks, one crystal, a deck of tarot cards and a pendulum. I need me some magic decor, maybe even sea witch and mountain witch theme. Any ideas, blog posts or YouTube videos to point me in the right direction?


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