Pinterest Challenge Details.

     So you want some information on my Pinterest challenges so you too can play along without having to worry about missing a rule or two? That's great, welcome and have fun. To start, I created these challenges as a challenge for myself so I want to at least make it a year or even longer. Since I started this for me, I will continue making these challenges even if nobody joins in.

Pinterest Challenge Details; everything you need to know about challenges and how to submit your own challenge theme request. Night Sea 90.

     How to play;
Find or create the pin and or board that fits the request.
Share the requested pin and or board in the comments below the post challenge.
Check out the other shared pins and or boards in the comments and enjoy.

     There are no prizes involved, just pure fun for all ages so the themes and challenges will be family safe and if it's something like  your favorite 'alcoholic drinks' as the theme, that means I also accept 'nonalcoholic drinks' as well.

     Why play if there's nothing to win? Sure, okay I get why many people would just ignore something like this. Here's a little secret, you can share your pins and or boards as requested and it doesn't have to be some random pin you find on Pinterest meaning that it's possible that one reader will find your pin or your board and could end up following you after finding your pin shared in the comments.

     This challenge can act as a promotion to find new people to check out your boards but I absolutely do not allow people to share whatever pin they want to get popular unless it matches the theme. Lets say you sell jewelry and you want to share a pin of yours to help move a product. I don't want to see it ending up in a challenge for something like 'winter snow art' but here's the catch, you can totally make it fit if you wanted to create a pin with a snowman wearing your piece of jewelry and you can tell it's a snowman not just a closeup of snow with some bling. Nobody said how large the snow art had to be, you could make a three inch tall igloo with a tiny snow angel and your earrings laying in the snow and that would be perfectly fine.

     Be creative, the pin doesn't have to be one you repinned but one you already pinned or it could be a whole board if the theme is right. So for those of you interested in playing and you have a Pinterest account, it takes only a couple minutes to play and you can check back in to find out if someone else enters to find new pins because as I know, one of the hardest things to do after a while is find new pins you've never seen before.

     What happens if I find a challenge I like but it's over? Well it's not actually over. The time slot for a challenge is marking between it's start and the next month's start but feel free to play on an older post. Since there's no prize, there's no reason for the challenge to end when the posts say so. Most of my older challenges might sound like they ended but that's just within the time that challenge was in play. Every Pinterest Challenge is timeless but the current one is the one that gets noticed first so if you want the one you're playing on to get attention, try asking friends to play with you or challenging people on social media.

     For those of you who don't have a Pinterest account you can still play. You can browse Pinterest for ideas without an account, you can even copy a URL without having to sign up on Pinterest. I hope you enjoy the game and share it with that person you know who enjoys Pinterest or might enjoy playing along. How to share a URL.

    Since the hardest thing about this challenge is challenging myself with my own themes, I would love it if you submitted theme ideas for me to use in the comments below on this page. It can be as simple as making a birthday card pin or dog pins only sort of silliness. I do however reserve the right to change the theme a little but if it's just one or two people requesting the same theme I'll try to add your name into the post as a little thank you.

     Notice; I don't allow rude or adult themes nor ones that could possibly scare or upset kids who may be playing the game with their parents. This is an all ages game, thanks.

     Disclaimer; I am not affiliated with Pinterest, they don't sponsor this. You'd know because I'd put it up in big bold letters on the top if they did but they don't. I'm just a fan of Pinterest long hooked on the site and having fun using the site as a platform for ideas.

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