How to share a URL.

     In case you don't know what a URL is it's the little address in the address bar. It's easy to use once you know how. Why use a URL? You can share sites or pins with friends or followers on social media even if there isn't a share button. Yes those share buttons are handy, lots of sites have them and even my blog has them but not all of them seem to have them for where you want to share it. I use URL when showing someone multiple pins online or on twitter. I've yet to find a way to share pins from Pinterest to Twitter other than a URL.

     How to share your chosen URL. Copy what's in the address bar and past it into whatever social media or email that you want to share on. A URL is unique, every page, every pin online has a distinct URL which allows people to easily find what they're looking for.

How to share a URL.

Disclaimer; I'm not sure if this is how you pronounce it but I pronounce it as yur'll or yerr ull.


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