Pinterest Etiquette #1

     I thought since I use Pinterest so much I would talk about politeness on Pinterest. Of course it's basic knowledge that pinning nudity and disturbing images isn't nice to your followers and I have heard of people making bully pins. Today we will be covering several topics on things people don't like to see on Pinterest and possible misunderstandings.

Bully Pins; pins where someone puts down the person shown in the image. Yes it's still bullying if it's not directed at an image but maybe the person who created the picture or the website the pin was created from. Like actual bullying in real life or cyber bullying or any other kind of bullying there is, it hurts people whether or not it gets to the person it's directed at or others see it and are disturbed by the cruelty.
      I know people are going to complain and say it's their right to write whatever they want on a pin and yes, the descriptions are a great place for expressing yourself but please, if you like making pins and venting on them, create a private board to pin them on because things can get out of control.

Pinterest Etiquette. No more bully pins.

Pin Raiders vs Excessive Pinners; people who pin excessively from someone and move onto the next person. There is a difference between raiding boards for all the good pins and pinning excessive amounts and the way I see it is raiding is going board by board copying massive amounts of pins while pinning excessively is hitting one board you absolutely love and possibly hasn't been pinned to in months or years so you don't feel like following them or perhaps the board changed recently but you love all the older pins of a certain board.
     In truth I feel that the line between raiding and pinning excessively can be drawn by a single click of a button, a follow. Today I was blocked after excessively pinning from a board. I got caught up going through to the bottom of the board that I forgot to follow the board. My computer was lagging, Pinterest just didn't want to let me pin and if I restarted the page I'd have to scroll all the way down through hundreds of pins again. By the time I went to follow the board, a pop-up came up saying I'd been blocked by the pinner.
     Being blocked when you meant to follow someone isn't a good feeling, at least not for me because I feel as if I somehow insulted them, they possibly thought that I was acting like this "You're not good enough to follow, I just like these pins."
   While I was actually like "Wow this person has great pins, I have to follow them, after this pin...Pinterest stop lagging." Five minutes later finally gets a few pins pinned, has to walk away from the computer to deal with alpha life while beta life is busy plotting to give me granny hair the natural way. "Finally got to the bottom...wait I forgot to click the follow button...I'M BLOCKED???!!! Sorry Pinner, I guess you wouldn't know my intentions were good an I was going to follow several of your boards, many of them I wasn't interested in pinning from today but would love to see in my Pinterest feed." My apologies to the Pinner who blocked me today, if you see this I really did mean to follow your boards.
Pinterest Etiquette. Pin Raiders vs Excessive Pinners, not everyone who pins a lot is raiding, some pin first then follow.
Pinterest Etiquette. Pin Raiders vs Excessive Pinners,
not everyone who pins a lot is raiding, some pin first then follow.
Indecent Pins; okay people you know what you're pinning. There are kids who look at Pinterest, some of them over a parent's shoulder. If you're going to pin those pins because you want to and not because you're trying to rack up a bunch of followers, pin them to a private board please and thank you.
     Pinners, pin like your kid could walk past and see you pinning stuff or like your grandma could walk up behind you at any moment. Do you really want her to see indecent pins? Yes they show up in searches for things as harmless as jewelry or art. There is a difference between art and what I am talking about. There are many classic nude pieces in museums right? That isn't what I'm talking about at all, those are art but the ones people pin indecent pins as art but are photographs of actual (Censored word that starts with a P) I'm talking about sculpting, painting, sketching, drawing, graphic art, crafts.
     So Pinners pin like your grandma, your parents, your kids or a complete stranger might check out your Pinterest boards. Keep the indecent stuff in private folders.

Pinterest Etiquette. Keep the indecent stuff in private folders and off public Pinterest boards.
Pinterest Etiquette. Keep the indecent stuff in private folders and off public Pinterest boards.
Disclaimer; This post was not to insult anyone but to share my opinion. I thank you for understanding that this is one person's opinion, you can form your own opinion on these subjects. Also I hate feeling like a Pin Raider but when I'm blocked there's nothing I can do about it and just hope I didn't bother the pinner too much by pinning off and on for a few hours while forgetting to push that follow button because like usual I pin first, follow second and yes I do try to get to the bottom of some boards if they're full of AWESOMENESS.


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