Happy Valentine's day 2018

     Just wanted to hop on real quick and say happy Valentine's day and share a little artwork I whipped up. Hope you're having a good day. I'm not doing anything special, just working on one of my craft projects.

Happy Valentine's day 2018
I really like this photo, I think it turned out well.
Happy Valentine's day.

Disclaimer; I had fun editing my marimo photo  so I don't actually have a heart shaped marimo even though I do know they exist. I do have an elephant shaped one named  L Lee Phant who you can see here but the question is which elephant should you click??? (hint they are two different links) 🐘 or 🐘

Diy Alice in Wonderland Rocking Horsefly

     I've been working on this project for months. I have always loved the rocking horseflies in Alice in Wonderland and I am so glad this project worked out. This is currently my favorite piece of room decor that I've come up with and I may never put it away, like ever.

     Having been a fan of hanging things up and anything that moves for...maybe my entire life, I've always been trying to hang things from my ceiling, dream catchers (that I no longer have) or feathers tied to string, little creations I've made but nothing has been as awesome as this so I'm so happy to share this with everyone and I hope it inspires you to make something.

Diy Alice in Wonderland Rocking Horsefly; created by Maridan Valor, read more on the blog. #AliceInWonderland #rockinghorsefly #diy #tutorial
My favorite rocking horsefly.
The best part is rocking horseflies have a metalic sheen just like beetles.

     I have made two types of rocking horseflies, one is paper and wire, the other is a mishmash of stuff but both have been painted the same way and hung and look awesome together. I actually didn't expect either of them to grow on me like they have, these were only meant to be prototypes but I may just have to make a third someday to add to it.

Diy Alice in Wonderland Rocking Horsefly; created by Maridan Valor, read more on the blog. This is a photo of when I spooked a rocking horsefly trying to hold it for a photo. #AliceInWonderland #rockinghorsefly #diy #tutorial
Rocking horseflies are extremely skittish.
Trying to hold one for a photograph is nearly impossible.
Lol, I attempted to catch the large rocking horsefly only for it to spook.

What I used; feel free to substitute for things you have around the house.

Wire; copper wire I had laying around, thicker gauge, a wire hanger in thickness on the larger one and an old wire bracelet of soft metal that was easy to bend for the little one.
Paper; any kind should work, I used computer paper but newspaper would probably work a little better.
Foil; aluminum/ tin foil.
Paper towels; for some of the body building.
Hot glue; and glue gun.
White school glue.
Spray paint or any paint in any colors of your choosing; I used matte black, silver and copper.
Thread; to hang finished projects.
A pole; I had an old bamboo pole laying around.

To start with I made the body, head and legs out of wire. I built up on the large rocking horsefly using foil and hot glue before moving on to trying to paper-mache paper towels on for a better texture but I ended up covering the entire large one with hot glue giving it a more even texture instead of being porous paper towels and hot glue and cardboard, I actually like it.

     The small one is completely covered with paper that I hot glued and used paper-mache (I can't paper-mache very well so I cheat with hot glue when I can.) and gave it card-stock wings. They both have a unique look. If I had to redo the paper one, I'd try to smooth the paper down at the edges a bit more but I don't really mind the end result.

Diy Alice in Wonderland Rocking Horsefly; created by Maridan Valor, read more on the blog. #AliceInWonderland #rockinghorsefly #diy #tutorial
I don't think I've ever made a photo that's so long before 😵

     Where I have my Rocking Horsefly mobile hung up, it never seems to stop moving for long. The air-vent really gets it spinning. The fact that there is nothing powering it and yet mine still twirls around is part of the reason I love it so much.

Disclaimer; Rumor has it that baby rocking horseflies have no tails, that they grow into them...I totally didn't forget to put a tail on the smaller rocking horsefly, of course I couldn't have done something as human as to forget a detail! 😂

Poison Apple DIY

     As a part of my Fairytale project, I've always wanted to try making Snow White's poisoned apple. Everyone probably knows the iconic apple covered in green poison shaped like a skull. I've wanted to make this for a while know, about a year but struggled with how I might make it.

     I'm quite happy with how my poisoned apple turned out. It is actually a simple craft that took me way too long to plan out. Now I will say, the slime did not turn out exactly how I wanted it and that is only because I had to paint it and I wanted the slime to be more of a slightly translucent green, not quite as dark as the paint I had on hand.

My poison apple in front of my Alice in Wonderland Art Tin and my Cinderella Carriage dish/container.

     This project could probably be done with puffy paint, I'm not sure since I don't think I've had puffy paint in maybe ten years. It's been a while but it sounds like an interesting twist or even air clay could work...possibly. Lol, I have ideas but I'd be broke a hundred times over trying to try them all out.

     On to the tutorial, I didn't take very many in progress photos...actually none, sorry. Once I got started I totally forgot but it doesn't really matter because the step you don't get to see is seen easier with the paint on it.

Foam/fake apple; Mine is a foam apple with a hard coating.

Glue gun; with a low temperature setting, it's easier to work with to get the drips and won't melt the apple.

Glue sticks for said glue gun; obviously :)

Acrylic paint; I didn't have the right colors, I used yellows and greens trying to get it to work and mine did come out a bit darker than I was imagining it would end up being.

Elmer's glue; what, why? I used it but this is kind of optional.

Pencil; for drawing the basic outline of the slime. You want it just enough to see but not too strong just in case you don't get the glue to sit perfectly you won't have to go and paint the apple to hide marks.

This apple is fake, looks pretty real to me.
Just a cheap foam apple, I think I found six for three something on Amazon.
I no longer have the link for this though, sorry.

You are going to want to draw in pencil on the apple, it should show up lightly to the design you want. I just searched up Snow White's poison apple on Pinterest for ideas and found a photo from the original cartoon movie (There are probably remakes but I've never seen them)

The plastic wrap is so I could show you the marking example.
I ended up making it a little higher on the apple than shown.
I would not suggest using permanent marker for the guide lines.
The hot glue might not completely cover the markings so it will ruin your poison apple.
Unless you plan on painting the apple too, then you can use whatever you want.

     The step I didn't photograph was layering drips of hot glue. Start at the bottom of the drip and work your way upward. I actually used a lot of glue, several sticks for this project. When I got to the top, I added glue and smeared it everywhere the poison should be. The one warning I have about my technique about using hot glue is that it isn't very smooth but it's poison and if you get a few rougher spots you can try and smooth them out. I'm happy with how my poison apple came out, not the best but then again it is suppose to be poison and when is poison pretty...in cartoons 😵

Look into the face of death...
Or actually eternal cursed slumber until true love wakes you with a kiss...
Lol, you can totally see what I meant by it not being completely smooth.
I like it, at least for a first attempt.
I would love to redo this with some sort of lighter green, transparent material.
Any suggestions on what this could be made out of or how to smooth hot glue down?

     Painting the poison after it's cooled down. I left mine overnight just to make sure that it was thoroughly set up and because I made this really late so leave it for an hour or more in a cool place just so your hard work isn't messed up. I used a regular soft paint brush on this and instead of risking getting paint on the apple, I carefully worked on the edges leaving a bit of unpainted spots but that only worked because I did several layers with a unique idea I had.

     Wanting the paint to be semi-transparent and to have more durability, I mixed Elmer's all purpose glue into the paint to water it down and give it strength. I did not add any water, I haven't tried that yet. Adding layer after layer I went about three or four layers of paint letting it dry well each time. My paints dried darker than I expected even when adding yellow to lighten it. (I have barely any paint and what I do have is the weirdest shades of yellow and green and a bit of red)

     The paint to glue was roughly one part glue, one and a half parts paint...if that makes any sense.

     Optional, sealing it, I didn't, you could use mod-podge (lol I think I used it once when I was little to seal a puzzle together so I'm going off what I've heard other crafters say) but I did add the white glue to the paint to make it a bit more durable.

Disclaimer; Ignore my awkward hand modeling, it's hard being both model and photographer and blogger, editor and don't get me started on all the demands of a model...also what do you think of my little poison apple stamp I put in my photos? It's a little rough and the first time I tried drawing something like that. It is suppose to look edgy but I think the poison is up a little too high or the apple is too long.

Merry Christmas 2017

     Merry Christmas!!! I just wanted to quickly wish everyone a merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas 2017; Wishing you a Marimo Christmas from Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90
Wishing you a Marimo Christmas from Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90

Disclaimer, shortest blog post ever...

Busy, busy, busy... the moon and frost fairies

     Warning this post rambles from one thing to another. I've been working on this post for a few weeks during all the holiday business so this is more of a catch-up of micro posts, enjoy.

     Christmas shopping, holiday music, cleaning, decorating and I haven't even got to craft in who knows how long. I did however get a few pictures I wanted to share.

     Did anyone see that Super moon, what was it on the third? I missed it, thank you clouds. I did get this photo a couple days later.

Busy, busy, busy; a catch up of micro blog posts put together, Happy holidays.

     I love finding frost on windows that are easily photo graphed. These are unedited other than brightening them a bit for better visibility. When I tried to edit them they lost something and I'm not that great at editing to preserve all those details. They look like little frost fairies to me, something magical, so frost fairies is my new word for window frost. Comment below what you call them.

Busy, busy, busy; frost fairy #1. Check out more photos on my blog Night Sea 90.
If you look close enough, this frost fairy has an eye in the center.
I love frost fairies, it's like cloud gazing,
you can just stare at it trying to figure out what it looks like.

Busy, busy, busy; frost fairy #2. Check out more photos on my blog Night Sea 90.
To me this one really looks like a fairy and dragonfly mix.
I also see a dragon the more I look at it.
Lol, am I just weird having fun with seeing images in bits of frost?

Busy, busy, busy; frost fairy #3. Check out more photos on my blog Night Sea 90.
I see an owl in this one, two wings and a body.
Do you see it or something different?

Busy, busy, busy; frost fairy #4. Check out more photos on my blog Night Sea 90.
I have no idea what this looks like. Lol, seriously no idea.

     🎶I love those J-I-N-G-L-E B-E double L-S...🎶 Just quoting the radio

     Between redoing my bedroom for forever and still working on it, Christmas everything and a bunch of failure craft projects, I've been so busy I've barely touched my camera. hopefully with the new year I'll be able to get more into blogging. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and I hope I'm able to at least get one more blog post out this year.❄️

     Disclaimer, if you ever think about walking outside barefoot when it is 37 degrees, don't. It felt like 29. Brrr. Lol, I totally did that, thought I'd only be out for a minute. I'm weird like that, I just didn't want to go find my shoes to slip on. Barefoot and in a t-shirt. Can you tell that I am not a fan of summer? I love cold weather, blankets, hot drinks and listening to Christmas music.

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

     Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a nice and safe holiday. I just wanted to blog real quick today and hope to get back to blogging soon.

     I thought I'd whip up an 'I'm thankful' post. Again, I'm obsessed with marimo so of course they had to make it into this post. Have a great day and list your simple one word (if possible) thing you are thankful for in the comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving!
This marimo is thankful for water.

Disclaimer; One of my must have foods for thanksgiving is black olives. Kind of...weird right? I picked whole black olives to mention. Sure we usually have sliced black olives but we save whole ones for thanksgiving and Christmas. Do you have a favorite food you'll be eating today?

For the love of spook; cute spider

     I am so sorry, I meant to get this post out a lot sooner but I've been having internet issues and have been busy with other things. I know it's after Halloween (by one day, happy November 1st) but hopefully someone is interested in a little tutorial on drawing a cute little spider.

     I try to make a 'For the love of' drawing tutorial whenever I come up with a simple little design. I'm not that great at drawing so I try to pick simple things I can make a step by step of as I create it. This October I wanted to do a spider, last year I did a bat and next year I might try something else.

     Here is the tutorial, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

For the love of spook; cute spider; tutorial by Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90
I decided to make the background of the tutorial a little spooky this time 👻 🎃

     Is the oversize picture a bit too large? Not sure if I like the size or not but at least you can see the cuteness of the last step of the spider tutorial.

Disclaimer; post this top hat 🎩 in the comments below if you've ever seen Star vs. the forces of evil. This sounds random but the spider reminds me of the spider with a top hat. I might have to use my own tutorial to make a spider with a top hat 😉


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