The Night of the Strawberry Moon

     Sky clear-ish with some clouds on the very night of the strawberry moon. I couldn't believe it, normally on a night where I want to see the moon we usually end up with clouds. I felt lucky that the sky was clear enough I could see the moon or part of it when it showed up so I waited...and waited and waited.

     The moon didn't show up until after one in the morning and I only got a photo of it because I checked out the window one last time. I almost didn't get a picture of it but it wasn't pink. How is it other people had photos of a pink moon, was it that they got it earlier after it rose into the sky? I really don't know but here's the moon and a slide show video of the clouds I photographed that night after finally getting my camera to take actual night pictures other than the moon.

The Night of the Strawberry Moon; a blog post about trying to get this photo.
I love how big the moon looks. It makes me want one of those moon lamps.

Note; there are six photos in the slide show style video.

Disclaimer; I only have a point and shoot camera, a GE and I really want to take pictures of the stars. Is it even possible to get without the grainy appearance I get when I try to take night pictures?

Sun and trees photography

         How about today's subject is...trees with the sun? Okay it's one of my favorite things to photograph and I thought I'd share some sunshine since it is raining here today.

     I've been busy lately, got new indoor plants, some of them have died for no reason so I've been trying and failing to get answers to the cause. My attempts to propagate succulents from leaves is kind of touch and go. a couple have at least one root, the other leaves look healthy but no roots yet and it's been about two months. I'll share more about my plants on a future blog but for now here's some pictures of the sun and trees.

Sun and trees photography; "I always want to live where there are trees." by Maridan Valor
"I always want to live where there are trees."
This is actually true. I went somewhere once where it was all wide open spaces...
Never again, I have discovered that if I don't have forests nearby I hate it and feel so uncomfortable.
I've been to the beach, love that so if there was a spot int he mountains where the forest and ocean met...yeah not possible but It would just be amazing.
Thought I'd make a quote, what do you think of it?

Sun and trees photography
Love photos like this

Sun and trees photography
Now if only there were rainbows of light....

Sun and trees photography
Ooh getting there, loving the color spots.

Sun and trees photography
Now it's starting to get dark out.

Sun and trees photography
I think I'll put it back now :)
Disclaimer. Staring at the sun will hurt your eyes. Touching the sun to move it requires vast amounts of training and specialized suntan lotion to prevent injuries so don't try it at home.

Eek! a mouse!

     Mice seem to be out and about more this year. I managed to spot one out in the yard, a little thing. I think it's a young deer mouse (If I'm wrong let me know in the comments, I had to search up photos) and it was trying to dig around behind some garden rocks. The day was warmer than usual, it seemed to be young still so it was tiring out. No It was fine, it was moving around fast and disappeared after we went inside and showed no signs of being injured or poisoned, just needing a nap and not caring about the strange humans taking photos.

     I luckily got to take some pictures of it all while my camera was acting up out of the blue. Between my card saying it needed to be formatted, my camera freezing up and my near panic attack that my camera was going to die and I wouldn't have anything to take pictures with except a battery hog camera I got when I was fifteen so 2005 (it was not the newest or the best then either). Somehow I managed to take some decent pictures despite the camera issues, even having to go inside and grab my older backup memory card.

Eek! a mouse! by Maridan Valor  #Idaho #mouse #photography #nature #blogger
Little mouse ignoring the strange human just inches away.

Eek! a mouse! by Maridan Valor  #Idaho #mouse #photography #nature #blogger
Tiny little mouse napping without a care in the world.
If I wanted to, I could have easily picked it up without moving my feet.
Don't do that though, don't touch wild animals,
not only could you get hurt but they can carry diseases.

Eek! a mouse! by Maridan Valor  #Idaho #mouse #photography #nature #blogger
Like my shoes? My old falling apart shoes I slipped on without socks?
I was actually standing back a bit to take this photo, leaning over with the camera facing myself.
Would this be considered a shoe selfie?
Mouse in the rain. I think this one comes from the dark woods.
Something is definitely off with this one but I just can't tell what it is.

Disclaimer, my lens got as close as four or five inches from this mouse, it totally didn't care. Now if only a bear would wander up our street for a photo op. Moose, crows, ravens, squirrels, anything for a nice photo shoot like this one and it would be a dream.

Mostly Black and White Cat Photos

     Lately allergies and weather haven't made me feel like taking photos but just the other night I was inspired by my cat on the end of my bed. Don't know why I suddenly had to take photos of my almost 15 year old cat that I take a lot of photos of but some of them turned out pretty good and mostly in black and white. with a little editing I'm really happy with the results.

Mostly Black and White Cat Photos; by Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90
I'm liking this black and white image of my cat Frisky.
She's 14 almost 15 and laying on the foot of my bed for these photos.

Mostly Black and White Cat Photos; by Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90
I couldn't resist this shot for some reason.
Can you see her claws or is the photo too dark?

Mostly Black and White Cat Photos; by Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90
More paws and claws.

Mostly Black and White Cat Photos; by Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90
Purple blanket, purple wall....What is with the alien beam on my wall?
Maybe cats really are from another planet.

Mostly Black and White Cat Photos; by Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90
I like this pop of color. I hand erased bits of the black and white to get the blanket and her eye.
I don't have fancy editing software so it all has to be done bit by bit and a lot of tweaking.
On the bright side, no two pictures are edited exactly alike.

Disclaimer; Allergies have winning lately, haven't even felt like crafting much less doing anything for my birthday month. I am totally into indoor gardens right now. I bought 8 houseplants for my room and am looking for flower pots to put them in. Might be buying cheap pots and customizing them with my room colors. Let me know if you've found any interesting ideas on decorating flower pots.

Photos interrupted by angry snowy mountain

     Curious what happens when you try to take a nice picture in Idaho when it's snowing? This just might be the post for you to see.

     This is what taking pictures at the base of a mountain in the snow is like. First everything is fine, and then this happens.
Photos interrupted by angry snowy mountain; Maridan Valor photo 1
First picture, posing for the picture.
Wow my hair is not usually that dark.
I also just cut inches off my hair.
One of my favorite hoodies, love them baggy.

Photos interrupted by angry snowy mountain; Maridan Valor photo 2
The snow just started falling off all the trees right onto us.
I'm surprised my mom was able to keep taking pictures,
it was almost impossible to keep my eyes open.

Photos interrupted by angry snowy mountain; Maridan Valor photo 3
Love this photo. The snow letting up at the end.
The one above would be just as bright if the snow wasn't so thick.
One word for the last picture, Magic. Seriously I think I need this photo of me printed up or all three.

Disclaimer, totally real, seriously the snow just pelted us, my mom and I as we were taking each other's photos in the snow because we both wanted to try and get some new pictures of us while there was fresh snow. I couldn't resist the title 'Photos interrupted by angry snowy mountain.'

The lost bride of the dark woods (A discovery in the dark woods)

     I believe I mentioned the dark woods at least once before, you can find that post here if you want to see a few scenery photos. My trip to the dark woods (a short story)

     In the middle of the dark woods there is a lake, a pond actually but it is deeper than can be imagined. It took me months to even look at this photo (found at the bottom of the post, please read the story first.), it's both heartbreaking and quite creepy but I'll get to that in a minute, I need to start at the beginning.

     I've shown you photos before of the dark woods I live near. It's sort of like another realm, you can possibly get trapped there forever in the dark where things can either be twisted or beautiful. It's a secret place in the Bitterroot mountains that unless you know how to find it, to look just right you'll never find it in a million years. Sometimes I go there, to the edge but because of the eclipse last year the veil was thinner, I managed to find myself stepping somewhere towards the center of the woods, almost into the water itself which probably would have killed me.

     The pond is no bigger than a shed but it's depth unimaginable. I tried a long stick and it didn't touch anything and then I tried to tie a rock to a string but it just kept sinking, I ended up losing my last spool of black thread, really thick nylon thread at that. My curiosity got the better of me so I lay down just over the edge holding my camera right above the surface (it isn't waterproof). I thought I'd be able to zoom in and see something since the water was very clear but somewhat distorted.

     I never imagined I'd find something so heartbreaking as to find a woman at the bottom in what looked like a wedding dress in a sunken boat. I have no idea how long ago she drowned or how she got there but I can't help but imagine something happened interrupting her wedding. I'm not going to speculate on whether or not she sank the boat herself or if it was a horrible accident. All I have is this one picture, the others were too blurry from how my hands shook out of fear of what would happen if I fell into the dark woods water.

     This woman who died so long ago is still at the bottom of the dark woods pond, untouched over the years, likely her whereabouts unknown. I don't know who she was or when she died. I'd leave a flower or something for her but the rift has closed. Maybe like me she wandered into the rift or maybe people live in the realm of the dark woods.

The lost bride of the dark woods (A discovery in the dark woods); an unsolvable mystery in a nearly impossible to reach location. Who was she, how did she get there? #blogger #mystery #darkwoods #Idaho #NS90
In most cases you can click to see a full size image.

     If anyone knows a way to honor the lost bride of the dark woods water, please let me know and comment below on what you think her name might be so I can call her something other than the lost bride of the dark woods water, it's kind of a mouthful.

Disclaimer; you should take my dark woods tales with a pinch of salt, tossed over your shoulder. Some of the stuff I have glimpsed at through the veil would have you investing in a night light.

Happy Valentine's day 2018

     Just wanted to hop on real quick and say happy Valentine's day and share a little artwork I whipped up. Hope you're having a good day. I'm not doing anything special, just working on one of my craft projects.

Happy Valentine's day 2018
I really like this photo, I think it turned out well.
Happy Valentine's day.

Disclaimer; I had fun editing my marimo photo  so I don't actually have a heart shaped marimo even though I do know they exist. I do have an elephant shaped one named  L Lee Phant who you can see here but the question is which elephant should you click??? (hint they are two different links) 🐘 or 🐘


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