Something Perfect; new gift shop in town.

     A new shop opened up in town so I had to check it out and you'll never guess what I found...Marimo! Yay MARIMO!!! My obsession with marimo is probably going to get out of, you would think that marimo moss balls are all the same but the quality and health and size all depend on where you buy them from and the ones I saw here are nice sized ones, actually larger than all the other marimo I own.

     They have a little setup inside where you can pick the jar, the gravel and decorations for your new marimo. I have a picture below of the marimo station. I'll probably buy a second so now all I have to do is think about what I want before I go back.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog.
The front of the Something Perfect gift shop.
I did edit this photo but only in the reflection where you see the building,
I removed people so the photo would look cleaner without the distractions.
The window display and everything else are untouched so this is what the shop looks like.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog.
One of the product displays.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is where I bought my latest marimo. It is my favorite spot in the shop.
The best spot in the shop, lol just because it's marimo.
Here are the jars, gravel, decorations and marimo all set up.
I bought a jar and picked what I wanted in it which was pretty fun.
There were a lot of little plastic animals, shells, plastic starfish to choose from.
Four different gravels, a variegated blue, white, shell and neon mix.
Their jars are also really cute and I'm going to have a hard time deciding on my next one.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is MoMo who lives at Something Perfect. He's a marimo moss ball.
This is MoMo, he's got his own little jar.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is my marimo moss ball that I got from Something Perfect.
This is my marimo that I picked out. This marimo is the largest one I own.
I picked variegated blue gravel, a pink plastic starfish and an octopus.
I always wanted an octopus decoration in a marimo tank.

     Inside there were so many interesting little things that I found myself wanting to buy that I might pick up next time. The marimo was definitely my favorite part but I also picked up a couple of little arrow heads, a resin bull skull figurine and an angel figurine. I usually don't like angel statues. Thank you Doctor Who...okay I can't entirely blame the show, they just aren't my thing but for some reason I liked the sleeping one. It seems the least likely to come to life when I look away :)

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. I bought the marimo, resin bull skull, angel statue and two arrowheads from Something Perfect.
Pictured are my purchases from Something Perfect
1 marimo jar, 1 bull skull mini statue, 1 sleeping angel mini statue, 2 stone arrowheads.

They even have a website

Disclaimer; fun fact, my disclaimers are usually silly or random things that for some reason I stick down at the bottom of my posts. Fun fact number two, obviously marimo are my favorite plant. Fun fact number three, my oldest plant is actually a single lucky bamboo plant that has had to be cut and rooted several times. Fun fact number four I bought more lucky bamboo last summer and now I'm overrun so if anyone has creative ideas on how to display them, tell me below because I currently have them in jars.

Alice In Wonderland Art Tin

     I already shared a WIP of this but have finally decided that I'm happy with the results. I may add a few details later on but for now I am pleased with the results.

     The tin is from some soft caramel dip stuff we had a while back. The top had a plastic piece in it that popped out easily. The window was scratched and foggy so it needed to go for me to use it or else I probably would have kept it on for a terrarium instead.

Alice In Wonderland Art Tin by Maridan Valor; just a little something I came up with. Sorry about this picture, the colors are a little off compared to the others :)
Sorry about the quality of the photo. I tried dozens of times to get a better picture from the front.
The cards and the tin end up having a glare if I use too much light and nothing will show up so I had to leave it dark.
I wanted to get this post out since I've been waiting on a good picture for a few weeks.
The metal tin is a yellow brassy color. The watch is a dark (antique) brown brass.
The hearts and roses on the outside are red as well as the mushrooms, lady bugs and the red on the cards.

     The cards are from two packs called thumb decks that I've had for about fourteen years waiting for a craft project because I'd totally forgotten that I was missing half of each deck and couldn't call them a collection anymore.

   The hearts are pearl heart cabochons I had laying around that I painted with red nail polish and the roses are just red tin roses I had in my bead boxes. I stuck them onto magnets with hot glue the same with the card on the front so I could rearrange them if I got tired of the pattern I put them in and nothing on or in this tin is permanently attached to the container because I didn't want to ruin it if I messed up.

     I lined the back of the container with cardboard (the same cardboard as from a cereal box or a frozen pizza) and formed the little shelf before hot gluing the mini cards down. The ones I used were from a couple sets I had when I was younger and hung onto because I liked the tins but over the years I lost cards so they became part of my craft project. The inside of the sides is just the cards formed into a loop by gluing the cards together and putting it inside, only securing it on the shelf so it wouldn't budge.

Alice In Wonderland Art Tin by Maridan Valor; just a little something I came up with. Find out more about it on the blog.
Side view of the container looks better than the front view photo, maybe less glare.
This shows that there are cards on the inside where you can't see straight on.
I wanted to be able to peek in and not see the sides, it makes the tin feel more complete to me.

     The rabbit, mushroom and ladybugs all came from a set of terrarium decorations I got for Christmas. The rabbit and mushroom were secured with a dot of hot glue. the wooden ladybugs had a little foam piece under it with a sticky side that I just stuck on for the fun of it.

     The watch I bought a few years ago, a cheap one you can find similar ones on amazon if you just look for the really cheap kind. (mine was $10 when I bought it but online you can get them for less) It stopped working and I didn't want to buy a new battery so I saved it for an Alice in Wonderland project because it reminded me of the story when I first bought it.

     I hung the watch up with a piece of chopstick which I glued onto the top where the cards hit the sides because as I said above my original plan for it consisted of not ruining the container. I do however plan to keep it as is, it's just a nice container that I wanted to keep as free of hot glue as possible.

Alice In Wonderland Art Tin by Maridan Valor; just a little something I came up with. Without the front you can see some of the hidden details. Find out more about it on the blog.
Front without the lid. You can see I just used a bit of chopstick to hang the watch.
Lol I just noticed some of the washi tape was peeling. You can't see it when the front cover is on,
and it's just over the hot glue and for looks. The little dots are black hearts, the closest I had to match the theme.

Disclaimer; this is the first of many projects that I am trying out. My next one just might be from Wonderland but my own version. What is your favorite fairytale and do you have anything that reminds you of it?

Marimo Topiary

     I shared a couple of pictures of my elephant shaped marimo in my April fools day joke post but the photos themselves were the actual truth. There was no photo manipulation done to give it this shape.

     I actually own a marimo shaped like a legless elephant, after all why would a marimo need legs...or ears...or a trunk...or a cute little tail. No actual reason at all other than I sort of ended up making it out of an odd shaped marimo. I'm not sure anyone has ever really done marimo topiary before so I gave it a try.

Marimo Topiary; my real marimo topiary shaped like an elephant. I named him L Lee Phant. Check out my blog post for more info and pictures of him.
L Lee Phant sitting around in his glass.

     So is this a tutorial? No, there's no real trick to making a marimo topiary other than making sure you don't care if you end up tearing it into little bits if you mess up and being very careful. I was going to tear it into tinier marimo but ended up turning it into an elephant or L Lee Phant as I've named him. He's a lazy elephant, loves laying at the bottom but on very rare occasions after baths, he loves to float much like the rest of my marimo.

Marimo Topiary; my real marimo topiary shaped like an elephant. I named him L Lee Phant. Check out my blog post for more info and pictures of him.
L Lee's butt, I had to take a picture of this for some reason :)

     Did making an elephant topiary change the marimo somehow? Actually I did notice that out of all my marimo I have in my window, L Lee Phant is the only one who got some sunburn so parts have turned white and I'm either going to have to trim those or maybe some of it will go back to being green, I just have to wait and see.

Marimo Topiary; my real marimo topiary shaped like an elephant. I named him L Lee Phant. Check out my blog post for more info and pictures of him.
Marimo out of water, proof that L Lee is actually real I decided to show him after a bath.
You can actually see his little tail on the left.

     Do I regret turning a perfectly good marimo into an elephant shaped not-so-perfect shaped thing? Not really, it's pretty cool looking if I do say so myself. I am planning on using some thread to help seal up a few of the natural cracks until they heal, maybe someday work on getting legs to grow but it's fine without them.

Marimo Topiary; my real marimo topiary shaped like an elephant. I named him L Lee Phant. Check out my blog post for more info and pictures of him.
Top view of L Lee Phant.
For some reason this reminds me of Tantor from Tarzan 2 when they were kids.
"Mom are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me."
Don't tell me I'm the only one who remembers that line.

     Any plans for future marimo topiary? At the moment no even though I have one idea I'd love to do I just don't have any marimo that I'm looking to tear apart just yet. Maybe someday in the future when I buy some more marimo I'll try it out but at the moment I'd like to keep the rest of my bigger marimo whole.

Marimo Topiary; my real marimo topiary shaped like an elephant. I named him L Lee Phant. Check out my blog post for more info and pictures of him.
L Lee Phant looking up, trunk in the air facing the camera.
Look at all those bubbles.

     Do I have any more marimo projects/creations in the works? Yes, yes I do. I'm always trying to come up with new ideas on displaying my marimo. It really matters on how easily I can get my hands on supplies, how expensive they are and timing. One of my ideas I've been working on for months and fails time after time, one little thing and I just can't get it right so now you know my secret, I make a lot of craft failures and quickly run out of supplies when I have to scrap things.

Disclaimer; did you like how I answered my own questions? I admit it sounds a little crazy so if you have any questions let me know in the comments below and I'll try to answer those.

Dragon's Egg Marimo Vial

     You know I love marimo but did you know I've got a bunch of ideas I've been trying to gather supplies for, supplies that don't seem to exist or are oddly expensive? I have searched high and low for tiny little eggs that I could put in a marimo tank that had to be realistic. Well I finally found some, a little smaller than I was hoping for but they work just fine in a 2 dram vial. These eggs would also look cute in fake nests.

Dragon's Egg Marimo Vial; no photo editing done here, pure dragon magic. Yes, yes that is a real dragon's egg, isn't it amazing?
No photo editing done here, pure dragon magic.
Yes, yes that is a real dragon's egg, isn't it amazing?

     Teeny and tiny these eggs are adorable, solid white resin and I got a dozen of them. Since they're resin they should be completely safe to keep in the water and they don't appear to be painted so they shouldn't peel off after water exposure. As always when I make my marimo jars and vials I don't have fish to worry about so if you use these designs in with your fish just try to make sure you're putting pet safe things in. You can find the eggs here.

The other supplies are aquarium gravel because dragons obviously use rocks for their nests or their fire would burn their nesting materials. You will also need a marimo, a scale cabochon (I'm calling it the dragon scale) in any color you want and of course a 2 dram vial to put it all in.

     I started off by putting in the gravel, added the egg, put in the filtered water and picked out one of my smaller marimo to act as the dragon's egg keeper/protector/guardian (or whatever you want to call it). The last step was to use a little hot glue on the back of the dragon scale and placed it on the front where I felt it looked the best without obstructing the view of the dragon's nest.

Dragon's Egg Marimo Vial; The Dragon's Egg at dusk in the woods looks magical doesn't it?
The Dragon's Egg at dusk in the woods looks kind of magical doesn't it?

Disclaimer; Marimo are awesome, there I said it. So don't tell my marimo I really want some other types of aquarium moss, they'll get jealous.

Work In Progress Red Hearts

     Happy Birthday Month to me, lol I've been up to my neck in glitter thanks to a project that failed. I'll end up using it for something else or scrapping. I've been a little busy lately trying to come up with artsy ideas to share but I seem to be having a lot of craft fails lately and a lot of half finished projects. Since I've been struggling with pieces for a huge idea I've been working on I thought I'd at least show a piece of it while I'm working on it since I know this project is at a stage where I'm happy with the results.

Work In Progress Red Hearts; just a sneak peek of something I'm working on.

     Roses are red and so are these hearts. I've been painting nail polish on these little parts...this picture was just taken, the paint is still drying but I thought I'd whip out a quick post. Anyone want to guess why I need red hearts? These are magnets. Here's a hint, 'roses are red' is also part of your clue.

Disclaimer; Glitter is contagious, as contained as I keep it I still find myself coated in it. I swear I have to wash my hands a dozen times to get every little piece off. This is why I rarely use glitter.

What has happened to my marimo?

     This isn't happening, this can't be happening. Seriously I swear this marimo was normal...

     Maybe I should start over. Okay so I was cleaning my marimo tanks, jars and glasses when I noticed I had one sick marimo, no that isn't even the one I'm freaking out about. The one causing me to panic...You are never going to believe this so I'm going to have to show you.

     These pictures are not manipulated, this is an actual marimo that you are looking at but clearly something is wrong with it. I have never seen a marimo like this before. Do you think...maybe it's some sort of mutation? I'm kind of scared it'll climb out of the water. All it is missing is legs. I'm pretty sure that it's dangerous, I mean what sort of natural marimo looks like that?

     Do I dare touch it? Should I burn it? How do you burn something that lives in water? I don't want to touch it and what if drying it out to burn it causes it to attack me?

     Okay, now I think I'll show you what I'm rambling on about. The pictures below is of one marimo, just one, not a bunch lumped together. It's kind of hard to see in these photos but it's got two ears right up on top, a body going towards the right ending with a tiny little tail and off to the left...that might be a trunk. It kinda looks a little like a legless elephant but that's insane right? An elephant shaped marimo just doesn't happen, it can't.

What has happened to my marimo? 🙃

What has happened to my marimo? 🙃
This picture is it from behind.

     This...abomination isn't natural, it's some sort of supernatural being. Please tell me what I'm suppose to do with it. Have you ever heard of anything like this before? I'm scared it's going to attack humans or my cat or my other normal marimo. What happens if I poke it with a stick, will it spread disease, the mutation that's obviously taken over it's body?

Disclaimer; Happy April Fools day. Lol, I'll explain the real truth about these pictures later but I swear the one thing that's definitely true is that I own a marimo shaped like this, although it's recovering from a little sunburn at the moment, hopefully it's little tail survives.

Thank you for naming my marimo ornament

     Just a quick hello while I'm getting up the nerve to try paper mache...I'm so nervous about this craft project that I'm working on and I'll try to take some pictures but seriously have you ever made something and it doesn't look that great and you know you have to finish it but you're worried about ruining it and having to start all over? My Wonderland themed art project is wall decor and one of the most complicated things I've made in a while and I don't want to have to start all over.

     What I originally came on here to talk about was the fact my marimo ornament I posted a while back has finally been named. I was playing around with variations and ideas and think I've finally come up with something that suits it and I want to thank the person who wrote their suggestion on Pinterest for the name. I'll post the pin and hopefully they'll see it.

     The name is Josephine and Joe was suggested on pinterest by Anchored! Thank you for the name Anchored!

Thank you for naming my marimo ornament; update post on my marimo ornament getting it's name.

Disclaimer; I not only love marimo but lucky bamboo because it can be grown in water. What plants do you grow in just water, no soil? I'm looking forward to trying something new this year, not sure if it'll be something like aquatic moss or maybe duckweed but I am curious to what types of plants you like to grow and what can live in water without soil.


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