I let a mermaid guest post.

     Hello Buoys and Pearls...

     Okay let me stop you right here. I apologize in advance. I'm letting a friend of mine try blogging and this will probably be the last time because let me warn you, former mermaids are weird, like really weird. She's forgotten most of what she knew due to her mermaid magic rejecting her gills forcing her to walk on land for probably the rest of her life and she may never get the hang of interacting with humans so please ignore her jokes and her weirdness. You can find a link to her twitter here (right here)
     Thank you - Maridan

     Who does a mermaid date? Her buoy-friend.

     Do you get it? I heard humans use jokes to break the frozen water, how am I doing so far? Blogging is so much fun. I don't know why Maridan doesn't blog everyday.

     Okay again let me step in to clarify something. She can barely use a computer, I have to edit all her photos, she's the one annoying me day in and day out and moaning about the sea she misses with all those weird mermaid names for everything. She can barely remember what a starfish is, I have to keep a list of translations for her when she tweets. By the way a starfish is a hugsy and an octopus is a big hugsy and a squid is a nopesy. Getting the picture yet, mermaids, former mermaids make terrible roommates but ask me another time to go into detail
     - Maridan

     Do you know what's amazing about land? Blankets, blankets are amazing. Gasp, I gasped, I wrote it down so you would know. Did you know humans have a blanket just for mermaids? Maridan is so mean, she won't get me one. Its so unfair, I see her looking at them on the computer all the time but when I ask her she gives me one of those smooshed looks where her face gets all unfriendly. What was that look called, a flounder...a clown...a something, a smooshed look.

     How many times am I going to have to put last minute notes into this post of hers? I am not buying her a mermaid blanket when I can't even get myself one. She doesn't even have two shells to her name much less human money and I am not splurging on every whim of hers. Last time it was a red mermaid tail blanket, this time it's a gray one.
     - Maridan

     I am excited about the human holiday fishmas. It is in the time of the frozen water where frozen water comes from the sky as a great gift but we cannot swim in it, the frozen water is too cold and makes my face her to try diving into the frozen sea that greets us each winter. I love fishmas but it surprisingly has very little to do with fish. I will have to find the fish for this fishmas this year. What fish decorations do you have for fishmas? Maridan says I'm weird and I'm too obnosharks to explain everything to and tells me to use the goobily goob to gooble but the goobily goob doesn't like me and when i type in goobily goob fishmas it has nothing to do with fishmas at all so this goobily goob is not very good at their job.

     Again, I try correcting her but there is really no point. She insists it's fishmas and when I try to correct her goobily goob mistake she starts muttering about my mernonk talk. From what I understand mer means people which is obvious even to me and nonk is the sound a seal makes. Again, former mermaids are stubborn and impossible to reason with and this will probably be the last post I let her write because if she's annoying me she's probably annoying you so go ahead, stop reading as it will probably get much worse before it ends. Also before I forget 'obnosharks' means obnoxious and it's obnoxious how she says it wrong.
     Sorry - Maridan

     Guess what, guess what, Maridan said she'd make me a marimo travel friend. I love marimo, marimo are awesome. She has one but she won't let me touch it because it was a gift. It is so pretty and glass and hangs from a cord which she places around her neck and she won't let me touch it even though I promised not to break it but she keeps pointing out that I broke Speck's jar and lost him on the carpet. It was an accident. She shouldn't have kept her rocks right under Speck's shelf. I looked and looked but Speck disappeared into the carpet sea. She is going to make a second Speck but I will make sure she doesn't put her rocks below this one.

     For the longest time I thought BFF meant best fins forever. I thought they were all talking about keeping their fins pretty. I guess it doesn't translate well.

     Gasp...oh bubbles, oh bubbles, Maridan is going to never let me borrow computer again. I spilled water and she told me to not have water near her computer.

     No worries, the water was spilled on the floor not my computer. she kicked it over but I'm not going to tell her what I meant with that warning. It took her about two hours write this much. Sorry for such a strange post written by an even stranger person. Since there's no pictures here I'll share her profile picture from twitter so you can easily find her account and follow it if you like the occasional mermaid tweet or repostings of mermaid or marimo stuff. if you tag her in your tweets about mermaids or marimo she loves seeing those.
     - Maridan

Oh no, what have I done? I went and let a mermaid write a guest post on my blog. Here's a tip, think twice before letting your mermaid friend write a post on your blog. Especially if they can be kind of annoying because they likely will try to get more blog posts out of you in the future.  If you don't wan to read this...yeah I don't blame you. Who wants to listen to a weird mermaid attempt blogging for the first time?  I had to add notes just so people would understand her. Good luck, this might be the last time I let a mermaid guest post. #mermaid #guestpost #blogger #mermaidblogger

Disclaimer...ugh, seriously mermaids are disgusting sometimes. I just found peanut butter on my mouse...someone went and told her mice love cheese and peanut butter but she ate the cheese and tried to feed it peanut butter. Now I have to have a long talk about how words can be the same but mean different things like computer mice not being animal mice. I hope this blog post wasn't too strange, I've already got a large headache from having to deal with her blogging once. Feel free to complain a little in the comments about how mermaids are stubborn and pretty much spoiled selfish (which she thinks is a compliment because it has the word fish in it)

Drawing in the air, 4th of July photos

     Yes the title is correct. This 4th of July I drew on the air and it was awesome. I wanted to share with you the pictures that were taken. They practically look like magic.

Drawing in the air; 4th of July photos; more to be seen on Night Sea 90
Photo of me making a heart in the air using a sparkler.

Drawing in the air; 4th of July photos; more to be seen on Night Sea 90
Suppose to be a figure eight in a circle, turned out pretty cool looking anyway.

Drawing in the air; 4th of July photos; more to be seen on Night Sea 90
Pretty much what I was going for, a swirl.
I really like the look of the threads hanging off the bottom.

Drawing in the air; 4th of July photos; more to be seen on Night Sea 90
Actually I don't think this one was of me :)
I think this one was suppose to be a star in a circle...or the fantastic four symbol.

Drawing in the air; 4th of July photos; more to be seen on Night Sea 90
I drew a fancy D...I drew a blank on what the Disney D looked like.
Hey I was in a rush, you only have moments to make these and time is ticking.

Drawing in the air; 4th of July photos; more to be seen on Night Sea 90
I'm crying, this doesn't look like Mickey at all.
Yes I tried to do the whole Disney Channel Mickey Mouse ears.
It kind of looks more like a bear but it isn't the worst I could have done.
At least the ears look okay, the cheeks need some work.

Drawing in the air; 4th of July photos; more to be seen on Night Sea 90
And to end this post, my best firework photo.

Disclaimer; We were careful shooting off our fireworks, we sprayed everything down afterward and used fireworks legal in our area.

Summer butterflies and marimo moss balls

     The butterflies are here!!! I thought I'd head out and take some pictures of them as well as my Aquatherapy Jewelry marimo necklace I got for Christmas because I wanted to see what it would look like with a butterfly, yes I know I'm a little weird sometimes. I was hoping but didn't know if I would be able to get pictures like this and was surprised how well these came out.

Summer butterflies and marimo moss balls; photography fun with my marimo necklace
Loving the reflection in this picture. you can also see the fluorite cube inside.

Summer butterflies and marimo moss balls; photography fun with my marimo necklace
Curious little butterfly checking out my Aquatherapy Living Jewelry.
Yes butterfly this is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own, no you cannot have it.

Summer butterflies and marimo moss balls; photography fun with my marimo necklace
It's on my hand!!! Lol, I swear it wanted to drink the marimo water.

Summer butterflies and marimo moss balls; photography fun with my marimo necklace
A group of butterflies drinking from the freshly watered ground.

Summer butterflies and marimo moss balls; photography fun with my marimo necklace
What are these flowers called, Columbines?
They're native here, we didn't plant them.
They spring up randomly in random colors each year.

Summer butterflies and marimo moss balls; photography fun with my marimo necklace
I thought I'd see how this would look in sepia...
and then I thought I'd keep the butterflies and necklace their original colors.
I think I like it.

Disclaimer, no butterflies were hurt in the making of this post. They all flew away after a minute or two. I also didn't lose my necklace to them either even though one did seem interested in wanting me to uncork the necklace for it to drink.

My trip to the dark woods (a short story)

     Today's post theme is forest magic. I was interested how the sun passed through the leaves as well as how my camera's settings effected the results. I also edited these for a more interesting effect. Here is a short story with pictures created by me, enjoy.

My trip to the dark woods (a short story); find the whole story on the blog.
One warm sunny day I took a walk into the woods. The sun was high and hot.
I sought out the cool shade of the woods to escape the bright heat.

My trip to the dark woods (a short story); find the whole story on the blog.
I came upon this tree with leaves of emerald glass leaves.
I would have brought a few home but they were far too high to reach.
They would have been the perfect addition to my glass collection.

My trip to the dark woods (a short story); find the whole story on the blog.
Walking down the side of the mountain I tripped and fell into a deep hole.
At the bottom of the hill I looked up to find there were plenty of nice thick branches to help me climb out.
The thick foliage and soft dirt broke my fall,
I managed to climb out on the third or fourth try with only a couple of scratches on my hand and ankle.

My trip to the dark woods (a short story); find the whole story on the blog.
I nearly ventured too far into the dark side of the Bitterroot Mountains' hidden forest.
There are some crazy things that go on there, you do not want to venture in too far,
not even if you catch a glimpse of a unicorn or a dragon or you may never find your way out again.
Luckily I spotted a path of light from the dark woods but perhaps I'll play around at the edge again.
I always wanted to see a dragon.

My trip to the dark woods (a short story); find the whole story on the blog.
Staring down into a strange hole found in the middle of the forest on the Bitterroot Mountains,
I found a mysterious light but didn't dare climb down for fear of never making it back again.
The sides of the hole shimmered with a white light blinding me. Since it was just inside the dark woods,
I didn't stick around to see anymore and retreated home having enough of an adventure for a while.
Disclaimer; Before you decide to go searching for any dark patch of woods, you should know they are not a place for humans to seek, most humans are lucky if they never find it and those who do, most never return so think twice before even considering seeking out such a place shrouded in mysteries very few have ever heard about.

A few of my marimo.

     I just gave a bunch of my marimo a bath, all besides a couple of others I did the other day so I put them in my window to get a little extra sunshine and decided to take a couple of pictures and share them with you.
A few of my marimo; I set a bunch of my marimo up in my window.
I don't keep all these here, too bright for the marimo during the summer.
I usually have most of these in my other window but this one has a nicer background.

A few of my marimo; this marimo looks like a cyclops. I love this orange gem placement.
That orange gem makes this marimo look like a cyclops.
I think I like it.

A few of my marimo; I just had to share this picture of my cactus with eyes.
I've had this cactus about two years and now it's grown a pair of eyes.
Now even the gnomes can't stand to make eye contact with it.
The poor little guy can't get a hug.

Disclaimer, I have 30+ marimo, including the really tiny pieces. Now I just need really cute and creative homes to display them in.

Random pictures, first animals of summer.

     Lately I've been trying to learn a little more about my camera but I'm stubborn, once I find a setting that I like I don't like to change it. Going around and taking some pictures I've been trying to make the photos look richer, deeper, less ordinary.

     Also a few hummingbirds have visited us since the hummingbird feeders went up, they like us this year. Here's a tip, you get more hummingbirds stopping by if your feeders aren't up next to your house or under the edge of your roof.

Random pictures, first animals of summer; hummingbird. See blog post for more photos.
Hummingbirds are so difficult to get a clear photo of.
I felt like I was spying while taking this picture between the slats of fence boards.
Lol they were spooking if I tried to stand in the open to photograph them.

Random pictures, first animals of summer;galaxy snail slime, not an animal but from one at least. See blog post for more.
Galaxy snail slime.

Random pictures, first animals of summer; black and white photo of black snail. See blog post for more.
black and white photo of a black snail on chicks and hens succulents.

Random pictures, first animals of summer; Black snail. See blog post for more.
Colored version of the black snail photo above.

Random pictures, first animals of summer; Little mouse. See blog post for more.
This little mouse crawled out from under this bear statue to eat the birdseed the squirrels and chipmunks love.

 Disclaimer; that statue is of a bear with a fish, it may look copper but that's the amazing thing about spray paint. I want to paint everything copper, it is my favorite metal.

Something Perfect; new gift shop in town.

     A new shop opened up in town so I had to check it out and you'll never guess what I found...Marimo! Yay MARIMO!!! My obsession with marimo is probably going to get out of hand...lol, you would think that marimo moss balls are all the same but the quality and health and size all depend on where you buy them from and the ones I saw here are nice sized ones, actually larger than all the other marimo I own.

     They have a little setup inside where you can pick the jar, the gravel and decorations for your new marimo. I have a picture below of the marimo station. I'll probably buy a second so now all I have to do is think about what I want before I go back.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog.
The front of the Something Perfect gift shop.
I did edit this photo but only in the reflection where you see the building,
I removed people so the photo would look cleaner without the distractions.
The window display and everything else are untouched so this is what the shop looks like.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog.
One of the product displays.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is where I bought my latest marimo. It is my favorite spot in the shop.
The best spot in the shop, lol just because it's marimo.
Here are the jars, gravel, decorations and marimo all set up.
I bought a jar and picked what I wanted in it which was pretty fun.
There were a lot of little plastic animals, shells, plastic starfish to choose from.
Four different gravels, a variegated blue, white, shell and neon mix.
Their jars are also really cute and I'm going to have a hard time deciding on my next one.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is MoMo who lives at Something Perfect. He's a marimo moss ball.
This is MoMo, he's got his own little jar.

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. This is my marimo moss ball that I got from Something Perfect.
This is my marimo that I picked out. This marimo is the largest one I own.
I picked variegated blue gravel, a pink plastic starfish and an octopus.
I always wanted an octopus decoration in a marimo tank.

     Inside there were so many interesting little things that I found myself wanting to buy that I might pick up next time. The marimo was definitely my favorite part but I also picked up a couple of little arrow heads, a resin bull skull figurine and an angel figurine. I usually don't like angel statues. Thank you Doctor Who...okay I can't entirely blame the show, they just aren't my thing but for some reason I liked the sleeping one. It seems the least likely to come to life when I look away :)

Something Perfect gift shop; see more on my blog. I bought the marimo, resin bull skull, angel statue and two arrowheads from Something Perfect.
Pictured are my purchases from Something Perfect
1 marimo jar, 1 bull skull mini statue, 1 sleeping angel mini statue, 2 stone arrowheads.

They even have a website something-perfect.com

Disclaimer; fun fact, my disclaimers are usually silly or random things that for some reason I stick down at the bottom of my posts. Fun fact number two, obviously marimo are my favorite plant. Fun fact number three, my oldest plant is actually a single lucky bamboo plant that has had to be cut and rooted several times. Fun fact number four I bought more lucky bamboo last summer and now I'm overrun so if anyone has creative ideas on how to display them, tell me below because I currently have them in jars.


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