Dragon's Egg Marimo Vial

     You know I love marimo but did you know I've got a bunch of ideas I've been trying to gather supplies for, supplies that don't seem to exist or are oddly expensive? I have searched high and low for tiny little eggs that I could put in a marimo tank that had to be realistic. Well I finally found some, a little smaller than I was hoping for but they work just fine in a 2 dram vial. These eggs would also look cute in fake nests.

Dragon's Egg Marimo Vial; no photo editing done here, pure dragon magic. Yes, yes that is a real dragon's egg, isn't it amazing?
No photo editing done here, pure dragon magic.
Yes, yes that is a real dragon's egg, isn't it amazing?

     Teeny and tiny these eggs are adorable, solid white resin and I got a dozen of them. Since they're resin they should be completely safe to keep in the water and they don't appear to be painted so they shouldn't peel off after water exposure. As always when I make my marimo jars and vials I don't have fish to worry about so if you use these designs in with your fish just try to make sure you're putting pet safe things in. You can find the eggs here.

The other supplies are aquarium gravel because dragons obviously use rocks for their nests or their fire would burn their nesting materials. You will also need a marimo, a scale cabochon (I'm calling it the dragon scale) in any color you want and of course a 2 dram vial to put it all in.

     I started off by putting in the gravel, added the egg, put in the filtered water and picked out one of my smaller marimo to act as the dragon's egg keeper/protector/guardian (or whatever you want to call it). The last step was to use a little hot glue on the back of the dragon scale and placed it on the front where I felt it looked the best without obstructing the view of the dragon's nest.

Dragon's Egg Marimo Vial; The Dragon's Egg at dusk in the woods looks magical doesn't it?
The Dragon's Egg at dusk in the woods looks kind of magical doesn't it?

Disclaimer; Marimo are awesome, there I said it. So don't tell my marimo I really want some other types of aquarium moss, they'll get jealous.

Work In Progress Red Hearts

     Happy Birthday Month to me, lol I've been up to my neck in glitter thanks to a project that failed. I'll end up using it for something else or scrapping. I've been a little busy lately trying to come up with artsy ideas to share but I seem to be having a lot of craft fails lately and a lot of half finished projects. Since I've been struggling with pieces for a huge idea I've been working on I thought I'd at least show a piece of it while I'm working on it since I know this project is at a stage where I'm happy with the results.

Work In Progress Red Hearts; just a sneak peek of something I'm working on.

     Roses are red and so are these hearts. I've been painting nail polish on these little parts...this picture was just taken, the paint is still drying but I thought I'd whip out a quick post. Anyone want to guess why I need red hearts? These are magnets. Here's a hint, 'roses are red' is also part of your clue.

Disclaimer; Glitter is contagious, as contained as I keep it I still find myself coated in it. I swear I have to wash my hands a dozen times to get every little piece off. This is why I rarely use glitter.

What has happened to my marimo?

     This isn't happening, this can't be happening. Seriously I swear this marimo was normal...

     Maybe I should start over. Okay so I was cleaning my marimo tanks, jars and glasses when I noticed I had one sick marimo, no that isn't even the one I'm freaking out about. The one causing me to panic...You are never going to believe this so I'm going to have to show you.

     These pictures are not manipulated, this is an actual marimo that you are looking at but clearly something is wrong with it. I have never seen a marimo like this before. Do you think...maybe it's some sort of mutation? I'm kind of scared it'll climb out of the water. All it is missing is legs. I'm pretty sure that it's dangerous, I mean what sort of natural marimo looks like that?

     Do I dare touch it? Should I burn it? How do you burn something that lives in water? I don't want to touch it and what if drying it out to burn it causes it to attack me?

     Okay, now I think I'll show you what I'm rambling on about. The pictures below is of one marimo, just one, not a bunch lumped together. It's kind of hard to see in these photos but it's got two ears right up on top, a body going towards the right ending with a tiny little tail and off to the left...that might be a trunk. It kinda looks a little like a legless elephant but that's insane right? An elephant shaped marimo just doesn't happen, it can't.

What has happened to my marimo? 🙃

What has happened to my marimo? 🙃
This picture is it from behind.

     This...abomination isn't natural, it's some sort of supernatural being. Please tell me what I'm suppose to do with it. Have you ever heard of anything like this before? I'm scared it's going to attack humans or my cat or my other normal marimo. What happens if I poke it with a stick, will it spread disease, the mutation that's obviously taken over it's body?

Disclaimer; Happy April Fools day. Lol, I'll explain the real truth about these pictures later but I swear the one thing that's definitely true is that I own a marimo shaped like this, although it's recovering from a little sunburn at the moment, hopefully it's little tail survives.

Thank you for naming my marimo ornament

     Just a quick hello while I'm getting up the nerve to try paper mache...I'm so nervous about this craft project that I'm working on and I'll try to take some pictures but seriously have you ever made something and it doesn't look that great and you know you have to finish it but you're worried about ruining it and having to start all over? My Wonderland themed art project is wall decor and one of the most complicated things I've made in a while and I don't want to have to start all over.

     What I originally came on here to talk about was the fact my marimo ornament I posted a while back has finally been named. I was playing around with variations and ideas and think I've finally come up with something that suits it and I want to thank the person who wrote their suggestion on Pinterest for the name. I'll post the pin and hopefully they'll see it.

     The name is Josephine and Joe was suggested on pinterest by Anchored! Thank you for the name Anchored!

Thank you for naming my marimo ornament; update post on my marimo ornament getting it's name.

Disclaimer; I not only love marimo but lucky bamboo because it can be grown in water. What plants do you grow in just water, no soil? I'm looking forward to trying something new this year, not sure if it'll be something like aquatic moss or maybe duckweed but I am curious to what types of plants you like to grow and what can live in water without soil.

Taking Mike Wazowski for a walk.

     So much snow, the most I've ever seen in my life, It's piled up in my yard about six feet deep. The walkways are clear, the yard is full and I still want more snow. Seriously I want over ten feet of snow in my yard, it would be awesome to not see anything but snow and sky.

     Okay so I decided to take Mike Wazowski out for a walk. If you don't know who he is you can check out his creation post.

     So back to the walk, every now and then I take my favorite little marimo outside as a reward for being perfectly round and fluffy. Also because I try to take pictures. Anyway I let him out to enjoy the snow.

Taking Mike Wazowski for a walk; didn't you know he was my marimo?
A little poem, I thought it was needed.

     He decided it was a little too cold, lol I thought marimo loved the cold as long as they don't get frozen. I guess he's a little oddball.

Taking Mike Wazowski for a walk; I really wish I had two of these, this photo edit makes me want two Mike Wazowski marimo jars
I realy wish I had two of these. Aren't they so cute together?
It wouldn't be too hard to recreate, Ooh a second color would be awesome.

     You are not seeing double, I just put two photos side by side and now I want two Mike Wazowski jars. Seriously this is my favorite jar I've made.

     There are no plans for a Sully jar or a Boo jar. I can't find any faux fur that's cheap in a small amount and I don't need a whole yard's worth. I am however in the planning stage to make another marimo container, a special one. I just need to figure out a few things.

     Take a guess, what theme do you think my next marimo jar will be? I bet you can't guess.

Disclaimer; One can never have too many marimo but it can be a pain to clean all their containers all in one day.

Hearts and Pearls

     Ornaments aren't just for Christmas, at least the clear ones aren't. I thought I'd try keeping some marimo in them even if the glass is kind of fragile. The brand of ornament comes from the brand Darice which I bought off Amazon. The size is 60 mm.

Hearts and Pearls by Maridan Valor; If this inspires you to make your own project, marimo or not let me know. I'd love to see what you come up with. If you copy this look please give credit, thank you.
If this inspires you to make your own project, marimo or not let me know.
I'd love to see what you come up with.
If you copy this look please give credit, thank you.

     I kind of just made the "frosting" last night with the pearls and hearts last night on a whim while making another project. Since I didn't want to ruin the ornament if I failed, I first set down some cling wrap which it peeled right off when it dried.

    The "frosting" is off white sort of light tan silicone, I was trying to use up a small tube of it that I was given. Please use this in a well ventilated area or at least keep it across a large room. It stunk, bad but it's the bathroom kind so it won't mold when it gets soaked time after time which is perfect around a marimo ornament. Since it wasn't attached to the ornament, I just pressed it on and it stuck but in the future I might need to use double sided tape or hot glue if I don't decide to make interchanging frosting mounds, maybe I'll figure out how to do chocolate next time.

     The pearl heart cabochons I bought during a sale but you can probably find them anywhere. The little pearls are off an old strand I bought at a thrift shop, just painted beads off an old cotton strand I took apart to use for crafts. I just pressed them into the fresh silicone to dry in place.

     The little acrylic diamonds used inside the ornament I bought separately, each color. Sorry I don't have a link but I bought them a few years ago off Amazon in a pack of 1000 (I think) Size is 4 or 4.5 if I remember right.
pink  (baby pink)
honey  (probably my favorite, so soft and pretty and I think the real color name was Gold)
diamond  (clear, really nice quality acrylic, not foggy at all)

     Hey! Do I have your attention? I need help naming this marimo. I don't want names like Valentine even though I did create it on Valentines day. I like the theme hearts and pearls so maybe along those lines but if you have a good name I might use it.

     Disclaimer; the water looks a little foggy but it could be just that the water was really full of air since I filled it with a spray bottle. There are fine little hairs too from the marimo because I just formed it into a ball from a larger piece. after a while I'll change the water and those little marimo hairs that were shed during the forming process will stop coming off as the marimo begins to grow together. The hair is harmless, just tiny bits of marimo that came loose when I divided the pair and rolled it into a ball.

Fairy Lights, Buddha and Secret Project Revealed!

     I've been hinting a little while that I'm working on a secret project so if you've seen me say things here or on twitter or wherever about fairy lights and questions about them actually working in water or that I was waiting for my golden Buddha to arrive, well this is what I was talking about.

Fairy Lights, Buddha and Secret Project Revealed! Marimo tank #marimomossballs #marimo

     Tada! It was for none other than a marimo tank. I've had this glass bowl a while, a thrift shop find so it's a little scratched up but still perfectly usable and so heavy to carry. I need to invest in a water pitcher to fill it instead of carrying it around, so scary since it's so heavy and if I drop it would create such a mess and probably would break my toes or worse.

Fairy Lights, Buddha and Secret Project Revealed! Marimo tank #marimomossballs #marimo
Check out that crystal head vodka bottle for size comparison...
actually I don't know the exact measurements on that.
If you look carefully you can see a second Buddha in the short marimo bowl on the right.
The second bowl is below the battery pack of the lights which is resting on a brick behind the bowl.

     I've been wanting an aquarium for a while and to get my marimo out of their many, many jars. I'm still not done, I've just moved most of the newest marimo but I am in the process of thinking up new ideas for how to make my marimo look less junky in the tiny pickle jars they'd been in without their original smelly lids. I'm not saying it's bad to use pickle jars, it just doesn't suit me anymore.

     Here are the links of where I bought the fairy lights and the Buddha. I'm not getting anything from sharing these links with you.

Fairy lights.

Golden Buddha.

Golden Buddha; quick little review they arrived faster than claimed, just a couple of days which was amazing, fastest shipping ever without having Amazon Prime. They are ceramic or something, I thought they were resin but this is probably better. They came unbroken, one has a defect on the base but it was painted over and since it's going into a marimo tank I really don't mind since it's an aquarium decoration and even then it was the back of the base and not really all that noticeable unless you look from the bottom so I would buy these again if I ever need more golden Buddha statues.

Cool Light Fairy Lights; This was the best deal I could find that wasn't going to take ages being mailed out and ran off AA batteries which I think last longer than cell type batteries that you can find cheaper string lights. I can't remember at the moment but I think the AA battery type lasts longer between needing to change the batteries out. Bonus it was a double pack. I did have one problem with these, one of the lights would turn on but only if I fiddled with the switch so my brother fixed it saying that it just wasn't soldered right and he'd solder it later, it worked just fine after he bent the connectors to touch. It sounds like a small manufacturer's error which could happen to any sort of tech so these lights are awesome as far as I'm concerned and these are the first ones I've bought.

Disclaimer; this is my third color of Buddha but I only have two complete sets. I have two jade colored Buddha bought from a Chinese restaurant years ago and separately they each cost nearly as much as the sets I bought off Amazon and I'm pretty sure the "Jade" is resin not an actual stone.


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