Marimo Summer Heat Warning.

     Did you know that marimo can't handle their water getting too hot? The lakes where they naturally form are on the colder side. Protect your marimo from the heat by one of two ways. The easiest would be using ice cubes of distilled or filtered water. The water is important, marimo can't handle the chemicals found in treated water. If your tank is small like a jar you might want to break up the ice and put it in every now and then but if their bowl is larger, just put the whole ice cube in.
     The second way is one I won't be using, mostly because it involves putting your marimo tank in near food. I've heard that some people put their marimo in the fridge for a couple of hours or until the water is chilled. This shouldn't hurt your marimo but I have no experience in this method.
     Actually there's a third method which I use, I never heard this one mentioned before but this only works if you use a water filter, the kind you put on your sink to get your drinking water from. I just change out the tank water and add fresh cold water which works just fine. Of course you probably don't want to do unnecessary cleaning so the ice trick is what I prefer in between the times I clean the marimo tanks.

Marimo Summer Heat Warning; several techniques on helping your marimo beat the heat. Night Sea 90.

Disclaimer, I'm not an expert on marimo, I just own several and wish to get more, lots more. They are one of the more interesting things I own/collect. Take care of your marimo, your pets, family and yourself with the summer heat.

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