June Pinterest Challenge

     This challenge will run to the middle of July. Make, create, share or comment on a pin that describes one of the things you do during the summer. Be creative and kind, everyone is probably tired of the heat by now. I know I am.
     Yes summer just started and I want winter back. Summer is my least favorite season, I prefer the weather to be cooler so I prefer fall above the others. Other than the heat, too much sun and lack of Halloween and Christmas, I do like all the flowers, fairs and barbecues.
    Alright, on to the pin. Since the heat gets to everyone I'll make this a double challenge. If you don't want to share anything about your summer because it's too hot, bring awareness to something to do with the heat, like leaving extra water around for your animals, signs of heat stroke and other warnings related to the heat.

June Pinterest Challenge; One of the best things about summer is burgers grilled on the barbecue. Night Sea 90.

Disclaimer, any and all pins shared in the comments can be removed for any reason but mostly if they don't fit this pin challenge. Regular comments are fine, those won't be deleted for you bringing up the fact you like having barbecues with the family or swimming in the local pool. Just any pins that are unrelated to summer activities or summer heat awareness please and thank you.


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