The World's Easiest Clam Dip Recipe

     This recipe has been a family favorite of ours for years. Not everyone in my family likes clams but we all seem to agree that this clam dip is pretty great, especially when on top of a ruffled plain potato chip. Since today is the fourth of July, I guess this is a little late for most people to try the recipe out today but since we were making it, I thought I'd share it with you.

All you'll need for this dip is;
One bowl or container.
A spoon to scoop and stir.
Any cottage cheese you like.
Creamy clam dip.
Chips to enjoy dip with.

Note; We used Reser's creamy clam dip, we've tried a couple of other brands but this one seems to taste the best to us. For cottage cheese we used great value 4% but any cottage cheese you prefer should be fine.

     Okay lets start. First put the cottage cheese and the creamy clam dip in your bowl. Here's the hardest part. Stir it. Now you're done, ready to enjoy with chips.

The World's Easiest Clam Dip Recipe; just a few minutes of your time and a couple ingredients is all that's required to make this family favorite. Night Sea 90.

Disclaimer; when I say world's easiest clam dip recipe, there is a chance there's one easier but I've yet to find it.


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