easy spider puppet diy recycling project

     This craft started here on Night Sea 90. You may share this post and this craft but do not pawn the idea off as your own. Thanks and enjoy your spider puppet.

     Warning, this project is sharp. If you allow your kids to make this craft, please supervise. The craft knife and the pop can are both very sharp.

    Another pop-can recycling craft. I've always thought puppets were interesting and yet own none. I use to get those foam lizard puppets you sometimes find at fairgrounds but I haven't seen those in years so I thought I'd come up with a simple, easy to use puppet that isn't hard to make. I hate spiders but I just sort of happened to come up with this trying to see if I could make an octopus out of a pop can...that version didn't turn out well but led up to this spider.

easy spider puppet diy recycling project. More instructions on blog, written out for easier reading.

     Instructions are easy, cut the top off below the curve of the top where you're left with the straight sides. I used a craft knife and evened it up with scissors so I didn't crush the metal up too much. I cut eight strips on the sides going straight down and staying even. Yes I did imagine it was a pizza while cutting it, that's just how my brain works when trying to cut even numbers out of something like a circle which is how I saw the can from above.

    Once you have the eight 'legs' you'll want to make the actual legs by cutting a squared off spiral. That's basically where you take a bunch of same direction angles as shown in the visual instructions. You can round off your corners though, I did. It's also much easier to cut without tearing the metal. Don't worry about getting them perfect but try to keep them even so you don't end up with some skinny spider legs and fat spider legs or it will just make the proportions look off.

     To finish I used a thumbtack where I thought the center of the bottom of the can was an poked a small hole large enough for fishing line. I just put a large knot by making knot over knot in the fishing line to get it to stay but if you want you could use hot glue or even a small bead. Add a loop or handle on the other end of the line. I just put a loop.

     Finally you are done, your spider puppet is complete and you are now ready to terrify friends and family with this eight legged monster...err buddy of yours.

     Disclaimer; Do not feed human flesh to your spider, that's just asking for trouble. Do not bring your spider around pets or small children, it is liable to bite and scratch. If you must restrain your spider, you can hang it from it's leash or place it in a box where it has room to stretch it's legs. Do not worry about the leash choking the spider if you hang it, this spider was manufactured to be stored this way. It loves spinning around, if you blow on it or aim it towards a fan it will spin and spin without getting dizzy because spider puppets love spinning, hopping, crawling, running and jumping, especially jumping out at people so they shriek.


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