Top favorites, on screen.

     A list of my top favorites played on screen, from cartoons to movies to old classics. This list is just my personal list, not an official list of any kind.

Classic TV...Gilligan's Island, by far my favorite old show. I once had the whole DVD set of all three seasons. I eventually wore out the disks and they were thrown away, they wouldn't even play anymore. This is one show they shouldn't remake, not because I didn't love the disks to death but because what the original characters gave it would be lost and it just wouldn't be the same. They'd have to change all the drama and problems to be relate-able to modern life and it would lose everything.

     Essentially the show would turn into some people went on a three-hour cruise, get stranded on an island and somehow all of the modern technology we have can't find them so it would have to be some sort of strange island...wait wouldn't the remake be confused with pretty much every other stranded island movie then? No, don't remake Gilligan's island, just keep it available to watch because unless they plan on cloning the show, I wouldn't watch a remake of it that's full of modern tech because it wouldn't be believable that with all the stuff they find and the people they meet that they wouldn't have been found.

Modern TV...Supernatural, even though there are plenty of other shows I like just as much, Supernatural is my favorite. I've seen all of the episodes except the last two or three seasons, there was stuff going on and I got out of the habit of watching them and then decided I'd wait until I could buy the seasons...all of them.

     That would be pretty cool, getting the whole series, maybe some merchandise. I do listen to Carry On My Wayward Son on my MP3 player which has a sleep mode so yes I can listen to that song on repeat to ward off the supernatural beings who've come to haunt me...I forgot the salt though but don't tell them that.

Cartoon, superhero...Static Shock! Okay so I haven't seen this in forever but as far as superheroes go, Static Shock is my favorite. Come on he's awesome, beats out all the other superhero shows I've seen, who's names have been left out to protect their identity.

Classic cartoon...I guess my classic choice would be Scooby-Doo, not exactly the oldest show out there but that song, it gets stuck in your head reminding you of past episodes.

Not classic cartoon...The show that would have topped Scooby-Doo but not in age. Ben 10, first only to Generator Rex which I've only seen most of the first season of. Ben 10 has alien forms, those forms have flaws, he gets into trouble, gets to be a hero and his family knows his secret and have their own ways of helping him out. I have to say my favorite form of his is Rath.

Modern cartoon...Not that I sit down and watch cartoons all the time or anything but if I was to sit down and watch cartoons, I'd watch Adventure time before Gravity Falls which is pretty good too

Classic anime...okay I'm picky I don't have any old anime that I like off the top of my head. I'm a fan of the cleanly drawn, smooth moving anime style.

Modern Anime...Beyond the boundaries, you haven't seen it? It's my favorite. I love the style, the characters...there are a lot of things I don't like about it but since anime always seems so over the top to me, I doubt there's one out there that I don't have complaints about. Although if I had a bunch of money, I'd buy some of the show's merchandise. You can this show on hulu.

     So as long as an anime doesn't have all that fan-service, flaunting in it, I'm happy because I'm not a fan of the girls or guys showing off, it's a distraction to the story to me. Yeah, I probably sound like a prude but I watch anime for the story and character personalities that aren't pure fan-service. I'm okay with some dark scenes but for me when a show limits their fan-service, they tend to put more work into the storyline that doesn't require added distractions...just my opinion.

Classic movie...Annie might be my choice, the 1999 version. Easy Street song 1999, I don't like the Easy Street song 1982 as much but you can compare to see how different they are.

Horse Movie...Dark horse, the 1992 movie where a girl after losing her mother gets into trouble, ends up having to go work around horses...I won't spoil any more for you but I loved this movie and wish I could find a copy of it on DVD. I'd keep it by my desk and see if my laptop would stand playing it thirty nine times in a row...okay maybe not that exact number but I haven't seen that movie since I was eleven or twelve and it's the one I'm keeping a look-out for. I use to have it on VHS but you know those things don't last forever.

     Disclaimer; none of these links are mine, I just found the best clips for what I wanted to show and linked to them. Also while I have watched listed two Annie movies here, it doesn't mean the new one isn't good, it just means I haven't even watched it. I love the Annie movies for their songs but have a feeling that the new one modernized the Annie movie too much for my taste, even if the girl is a cutie and pulls off the look, I don't think the music I'd be looking forward to would be the same.


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