Corner Collider a game by my brother.

                         This isn't a review. This wasn't a bought or paid post.

     I am literally sharing this because my brother Luke Lan Faust made a game to sell and as his sister I'm proud of him. Yes I've played this game, even tested it out early. As I'm writing this he does not know I'm writing a post that he's released a game, even though I may have hinted that I would write one about one of his future games so you know this is just me bragging that my brother made a game.

Corner Collider a game by my brother. Actual official pictures from Luke Lan Faust's blog.
Actual game graphics from Luke Lan Faust's blog.

     You can find the game here. NOW FREE!

     The game is simplistic, simple rules, very addicting.

     How high can you get your score? In testing my personal best was 31. So can you beat my score?

         Disclaimer; in testing I crashed many cubes, collided with the walls and ran into corners. I gave it my all and tried my best not to crash. Does that make me a dummy, a crash test dummy? Maybe I have taken too many cubes to the head...I mean walls, WALLS! Did you know if you reverse walls it's sllaw, it makes a very dramatic colesllaw but I don't think wallseloc is a word in any language on earth or in the universe.

             The demo video was just posted. I've added it so you can see the game play.

Corner Collider a game by my brother. The picture is fan art of a cube, not the game.
 Also this picture of a cube is just something silly I made, it has no connection to the game, it was just something fun that I drew up.


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