Sneaky April Pinterest Challenge.

     Bwahaha, I bet you thought I forgot about April's Pinterest Challenge. Lets make this short and sweet. Find a zodiac pin, add the link to it below or share the pin with me on twitter and if finding some pin on Pinterest isn't your thing then create your own zodiac pin. It can be a picture, it can be a saying or information on a zodiac. I'm looking forward to see what pin you show off and if you aren't on Pinterest but want to play, you don't have to have an account to find a pin, you just need the URL of the pin you chose.

Sneaky April Pinterest Challenge. Night Sea 90's Pinterest challenge pin; It's official we're awesome; Taurus.

How to find the URL of a pin; In case you don't know how here's a link to teach you.

Disclaimer; This post was written by a Pinterest addict. This contest is just for fun and a challenge to myself to have at least one contest a month. A bonus of playing the game is sharing your own pins for others to see, like and repin.


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