I Found A Critter

     Ouch! It hurts to type. Funny story, a salamander was found and in my hurry I ran out the door, slamming all the fingers (not counting thumb) in the door right on all my nails. Hours later they still feel funny, a bit achy but not a mark on me. Why is it when things actually hurt there's no bruises or cuts yet when there's a bruise you wonder where it came from. Anyway now my fingers hurt but it might have been worth it to get to see this cutie.

I Found A Critter; salamander found in #Idaho #idahome #wildlife
Can you see it? Trust me the salamander is so cute.

I Found A Critter; salamander found in #Idaho #idahome #wildlife
Not sponsored, the bracelet is just because I had it on hand...get it, on my wrist.

I Found A Critter; salamander found in #Idaho #idahome #wildlife
Look, look at that little hand. So cute!!!
If salamanders are magic, is my bracelet now enchanted by the salamander?

Disclaimer; Lizards and frogs are awesome. Snails and dragonflies are too. It doesn't mean I want to touch them. I now need a new bracelet or two.


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