Frisky the cat #1

     Okay so a couple months ago I got a memory foam mattress topper for my bed that had started getting soft and creaky. I have to say I love it and now I'm curious about the mattresses, not that I could afford one.
     I love how the topper makes my bed feel like a five-thousand dollar mattress, so plush, best bed I've ever had. My cat Frisky agrees. She use to prefer laying on me to laying on my bed. Now she has chosen my bed...her end over me.
     Not only have I lost my furry back-warmer but my bed too. I have gained a better night's rest thanks to the fact Frisky isn't diggng her claws into me when I try to move.
     Its also a source of entertainment when Frisky goes bonkers with one of her toys on my bed. I think she uses it the most, even now as I'm writing this post she's snoozing away.
     The one downside to this topper is its too big for my queen-sized bed. I didn't say it was a bad thing, I would rather have it needing a trim then to be too small.

Disclaimer; nobody reimbersed me for this post (wish they had) but even if I had been reimbersed I wold have stayed truthful because I won't lie about a product due to the fact I'd hate to buy something and find out it was crap.

     Added note. This post was better before my tablet lost the post as I was writing while I stepped away but all of this is my truth and I think I got all I wanted to say out.
     Until next time, hoping by some miracle a desktop computer magically appears in my possession to make blogging easier. Thanks for reading and more #Friskythecat soon.

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