Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween; a spooky poem picture I made a while ago.
A spooky poem picture I made a while ago, just fixed the wording and font that I hadn't gotten around to and thought I'd share it.
Happy Halloween; a spooky picture I made a while ago.
This one is another oldie I found moving files from my old computer to my new one. Can you see the unhappy spirit who only wanted to play?

My favorite movies for Halloween
The nightmare before Christmas (Good for Christmas)
The Addams family, the movies or shows, all is good.
The Munsters.
Casper (movies, shows, cartoons)
Warm bodies, new favorite zombie movie I just watched last month.
Any Halloween town movie.

As you can see either they aren't scary or they're for kids...I'm a scardy cat.

Favorite Halloween candy? I'm hooked on Werther's original caramels, sugar free of course. Coffee is my top fave, apple and plain are second. I've yet to try caramel cinnamon even though I love cinnamon and caramel chocolate because I've yet to see them when I'm picking some up.

Have a happy Halloween, be safe and don't trust any zombies, they really do want to eat your brains.


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