Fairy table and chair set.

     Okay I've been trying to get this post finished for a few days now (sorry for the delay) but I've been having problems with my photo editor freezing and being slow. I finally got it to work so I could get some pics up. They're a little hazy thanks to the lighting but I tried to make this tutorial as clear as possible.
     If you have a hot glue gun, pony beads, a plastic lid, a plastic bottle cap, toothpicks or wooden skewers, and love fairy gardens or have kids who are interested in fairy gardens, then you might want to take ten or fifteen minutes to put this little set together. It doesn't take much time, mostly prep and waiting for glue to dry.
    Below I have placed the pictures to help you make your very own fairy dining set. On the left we have part one, the table. For the cap I used one I had laying around in the box of junk I keep around for crafts so I have no idea where it came from, I'm thinking some sort of dip lid, it's a little larger than a milk jug lid which would work for a slightly smaller table. You could use anything for the lid, just keep in mind that you don't want it to be too big that the table legs look out of proportion to the tabletop. A mayonnaise or small pickle jar lid would work just fine and give room for multiple chairs.
     I used toothpicks for table legs, cut off the pointed tips and made sure they were even. To secure them to the base I glued four pony beads to the base where I wanted the legs to stick out from. Afterward I put more glue in the pony beads and attached the legs inside the beads. Wait for the glue to set, if you act too soon they'll move as you move to the next step..
    Once the legs have set for a couple of minutes stack all the beads you can fit on them, then remove the last ones. You'll want to glue them on so that the beads don't slip off. There's no need to glue every bead on, just the last ones. As you can see in my pictures, I didn't use a pattern of beads or a certain color, I just used some I had loose instead of going through my small collection of beads to use up all of my blue beads. These had already been used on a project but scrapped when it didn't turn out right. (Yes, crafting mistakes happen to me all the time. I try so many only to end up taking them apart when they don't turn out)
     As for the stool, same technique as with the table, glue a bead down for where you want each leg to be. I used one skewer that had been cracked at the tip so I cut inch long segments for the legs. This used fewer beads and only three legs which are much smaller than the toothpicks. The finish is the same as the table's, glue on the last bead to secure the rest, let the glue set and then your table is ready.

Fairy table and chair set; table instruction pictures, find more on Night Sea.

Fairy table and chair set; chair instruction pictures, find more on Night Sea.

     Both turned out sturdy and won't break just by moving them around but if a leg gets bent it will likely break off. Have fun, be safe (Hot glue, I know I say this a lot but wow I have burned myself so many times on previous glue guns I've owned so it's best that an adult handles the glue or supervise whoever is using it)

Disclaimer; make your own fairy table and chair set. Please do not steal from the fairies or they will not visit your garden and you may end up with a fairy curse placed upon you, your garden or your furniture. Now you know why your sofa ends up being the place to find the remote, your change and other odd bits. So be kind to fairies, nature and have fun.


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