Water Polymer Beads Disaster.

     I love water polymer beads. I got a pack to try out after hearing about them, found some cheap ones and ordered them. They were great, did exactly what I wanted and were perfect so I ordered two larger packs through a different seller figuring I'd fill up a large vase so I made two jars full to start with, they looked cute so I decided to put that vase off for a while.

     It's a good thing I waited a few weeks. Now I've never had a problem with my other pack, I'd soak them, leave them out until they dried up and soaked them again over and over, no problem. These ones, these awesome jumbo packs I bought, well they started growing mold.

Water Polymer Beads Disaster; I thought I had a good deal. Night Sea 90.

Water Polymer Beads Disaster; I thought I had a good deal. Night Sea 90.

     There's no way to save them so I threw them away. I haven't tossed the unused ones yet, I'll probably try them again hoping it was a fluke or maybe try a craft project where I want them to dry up but really these were a disappointment.

     That's what I get for thinking I had a good deal. Next time I buy them, I'll stick with a name brand instead of that awesome bargain. So much for good cheap vase filler that had a water theme. Now I don't know what to do, I have jars, bottles and some vases I wanted to display things in, I was going to start with water beads for some color and transparency but that didn't work out.

     What do you fill your vases up with other than flowers? Do you have a cheap filler that's cute, unique or maybe too weird to look away from? I'm out of ideas for right now after this fiasco and now have to figure out what to do with these water beads I haven't used yet.

Disclaimer; brand name omitted from memory, it was a small seller and I won't be buying from them again.
     Oh water beads you failed me, I still love you but it's a love that shall not be. I can't have you bringing mold into the house, it's disgusting and not healthy. Maybe someday we'll meet again but for now you're toxic and we should just part our ways.


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