For the love of spook; bats out of hearts.

     So the other day I came up with this idea that bat decorations sort of looked as if I could make them out of my surprise I actually could. I sat down and doodled these on the computer to show you how you can make your own.

     You can use the instructions to make your own bats out of hearts. If you share this idea, please let people know where you heard it. I may continue to try figuring out more fun little doodles like this, it barely took me any time to draw them out so this is a very fast way to make basic bats.

1, Start with a standard heart shape, I used a premade heart in my paint program (paint(dot)net). I used the eraser tool and just clicked away, No careful dragging necessary so I didn't have to hit the undo button at all. For the head I used the paintbrush tool, another click and decreased the size on the eraser to cut out the ears.

2. Start with an upside down heart. Use the paintbrush on the top and bottom as shown, this is where you'll be creating the head and the toes. Use the eraser to cut out the ears and toes. For the inner toes create a smaller circle within, erase with yet a smaller circle. The eyes and fangs are optional.

3. Create two identical hearts on their sides. Take your eraser tool and erase to form wings as shown. Erase the extra below. Add a circle for the body. Add another circle above body and erase part of it for the ears.

     That is how easy these bats are. Use them to make your own holiday cards or pictures. You can probably even use these to create your own stencils.

Disclaimer; I have had bats in my house before, now that's chaos. Each time they were caught harmlessly in a plastic container and released outside since we live near trees.


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