Controversial post, my opinion on hunting.

     Okay I’m going to talk about something that’s a touchy subject, hunting. Yeah that’s right, hunting as in the killing of animals.

     Killing an animal is a gray area to me. To kill an animal for food or to protect a human or even a pet or farm animal or farm crop which supplies food or income for yourself and or family is as natural as shoving food in our mouths…hey actually it is about shoving food in our mouth, about survival.

Controversial post, my opinion on hunting. Night Sea 90 blog.

     You can’t survive without food, water or shelter. Money gives you all three. If your life, a life or your income is threatened then I believe its self preservation which is essential to our survival.
To kill an animal for it’s pelt or a piece of it to mount on your wall is wrong, it’s murder any way you slice it.

     What did that zebra ever do to you…nothing?

     Oh you shot an elephant…are you going to eat it, all of it?

     Well that’s an amazing bear paw…you didn't eat the bear?

     If the answer to any of these is no, I believe it’s the dark side of hunting.
1. Did it attack you?
2. Did it damage your crops which provide food or income for your survival?
3. Was it mauling your loved one, child, pet, farm animal or a stranger?
4. Will killing this animal feed you? Think carefully because this question is not about you selling its pelt, its horns, tusks, paws, organs or any other part of its body.

     I’m sorry if I’m coming on too strong or upsetting anyone by my opinion but I believe that animals were put on this earth to feed us, to balance out the world so we can survive. Predators exist to keep other animals that we eat from overpopulating too much. We even adopt some predators as members of our families, these are our pets, dogs and cats and such. They exist to balance out the world, as do others we do not eat.

     An animal you kill must be respected. To respect the animal you must see to it that its death was not in vain. You eat the meat; you wear its fur or display it. Bones and skulls, those can be used too. Even the inedible which you bury in the land are returned to the earth to feed it. Nothing is put to waste. That is how hunting should be, you respect the animal.

      If you killed an animal to protect and it can’t be eaten, what do you do? Well I suppose you can taxidermy it. If you don’t want to keep it, ask the taxidermist if they’d take it, they could likely sell the pelt to someone; there are people out there that would want it.

     Here’s a story that’s totally true. My dad use to drive early in the morning in the dark to work back when we lived with a creak on our land in the country. One day he hit a beaver, we didn’t see them during the day or anything, I’ve never seen one on our land but I guess they wandered around when the humans were asleep because dad came back up the driveway with the dead beaver, ran over it completely with his car. We had it stuffed and mounted.

     Yes I have no problem with trophies but there’s a limit to that. Moose, bear, elk, dear, rabbits are all edible. If you’re displaying that trophy, you better have a story about how well it tasted or maybe how you bought it from someone or somewhere. I don’t want to hear about how you went on safari or on a hunt and killed it for sport because its horns were huge, it’s tusks, it’s whatever was worth money or that it was beautiful. That’s not an argument. It was beautiful when it was alive too, when it was minding its business.

     I apologize again, I’m really not trying to come off as a jerk and my opinion is my own. These are my words, my thoughts and I appreciate you reading this post even if the subject is iffy. I like to express my opinions in a neutral way, show both sides and I hope I was able to do that but if there’s any misunderstanding or disagreement I hope you’re able to remember one thing, my opinion is my own like yours is your own.

     Disclaimer; this post is an expression of my opinion and isn't meant to shame or upset anyone. This is merely my train of thought on the subject of hunting and I thank you for understanding that this is one person's thoughts and not a set standard of any sort.


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