My dipladenia plant and my cat Frisky.

       Hello, its the blogger with the least followers...okay so I'm basically a quiet blogger who writes posts to her imaginary fans. It's true, pure enjoyment of writing a blog when I feel like it, not fishing for followers in any way.

       Today I'm trying an experiment, can my picture go viral on Pinterest? I'm linking it to my blog to explain why what I'm up to and a little about the picture itself. This is the link to the original pin I'm putting up, feel free to comment on where this pin reaches, either on the post here or on Pinterest.

       First of all the plant is dipladenia, I've heard it's poisonous and bitter to the taste so a second attempt for most isn't likely (not that a first is a good idea but this is just what I have heard about and the facts may not be true, I'm having a hard time finding reports that aren't conflicting) but yes it's near my cat who has no interest in it whatsoever other than a few sniffs at the new thing and ignored it, even the string below. We posed her for the picture on the covered porch she's also not interested in and if she was she wouldn't be out there alone for long, she prefers being where we are in the house or laying in the weirdest places, not the sunny enclosed porch you'd expect a cat to prefer.

       Aren't the ladybugs fun? They're my mom's. I bought the plant specifically for her new enclosed porch that my dad has been working on and just finished. The colors are amazing together. The hanger is just a simple macrame hanger, I need someone to teach me how to make those really impressive ones since my simple ones are far from eye-catching. Although I did spray-paint a cool-whip container for a pot to use until I can get a larger pot but this will work until then.
My dipladenia plant and my cat Frisky.

Since you came to this blog about a picture involving a cat, here is some information about her.
Frisky is a cutie. She's eleven years old, spoiled as a brat, lived ten years outside in the country so she's tough and loves to kill rugs (yes a floor covering not a mistake where I meant bug) she's flipped them, tumbled with them and fights them on a near daily basis. She's also a blanket hog with my favorite micro-fleece blankets, you know those throws you can buy for under ten bucks. Okay she'll play with any blanket if it moves a little but the rugs are innocent, they just lay there and get played with.

       She's deadly with her claws, I've got a few scratches to prove that because I think de-clawing is cruel when you can't guarantee that the cat won't escape the house at some point and be defenseless outside...just an opinion.

       She loves grabbing one of her toys when you least expect it then go charging through the house to the living room or kitchen and start meowing so someone will come watch her play or give her some attention. She doesn't beg for scraps anymore since we got her Friskies dry cat food for her but while I'm cooking and if the dog is sitting there because I'm slicing cheese, she'll sit there just like the dog, waiting until I give them both a small piece or if it's meat, I always try to save a piece for her, thankfully she doesn't jump up on the kitchen counters.

       Thanks for reading my rambling post and taking part in this experiment to see if Frisky's picture goes viral or not.


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