Just a quick hello and share something I tried out.

     Hey, just checking in on the blog, trying out a few things on Pinterest. Did you know that you can use your computer screen as a picture background for items?
Just a quick hello and share something I tried out; unaltered picture.

Just a quick hello and share something I tried out; altered picture.
Altered in paint.net.
     The unaltered picture was taken with my tablet while the candy was sitting on a container placed on my laptop keyboard and on that the tablet case. Glossy black would have given it a better look because it would have reflected the candy and screen but this was just a test before I ate the candy.

     The altered picture was done in paint.net which is my preferred program for messing around with pictures. I layered the background I designed with for the shot over the picture, Resizing when necessary and erased large portions leaving much of it transparent to create a different feel and make my name pop since it blurred in the first picture.

      I left the colors changed but did one of those darkening tunnel views to darken the edges before rendering that invisible. The colors are more vibrant because I duplicated the original picture and overlay-ed it over the first.

     So what inspired this post was this pin I'd found but unfortunately when looking into it Pinterest warned me it was linked to spam so no sharing a link to that, sorry. I thought of the pin after wanting to take a picture of it to tweet since I haven't put many pics up on twitter yet. This is the Botan Ame candy my brother handed me. Have you tried them before? What kind of foreign candies do you like, even if you can buy them locally.

Disclaimer, the pin really was a dead end and deleted from my pins after the warning. However the rumor that I listened to Meghan Trainor - All about that Bass while writing this post is completely true even if I made up the rumor just now.


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