Top Ten Kid Shows I Miss

     When I was a kid the shows that were on TV were great. I use to watch these with my younger brothers while growing up and got hooked to a few of them. This is my top ten list of kid shows.

#10 The magic school bus. Of course it wasn't my favorite, I didn't rush to the TV to watch it but Ms. Frizzle taught you a lot of things and was an all around entertaining show but I didn't necessarily find it all that funny. I learned about prisms and pretty much everything else from rainbows to blood cells and sound from a crazily dressed teacher who seems to have unearthly powers to be able to show her students things no actual child could do such as shrink down small enough to go inside somebody to see how the body actually works.

#9 Pinky and the Brain. Okay this is one show I'll never forget just from the theme song alone seems to pop up. It has to be the oldest song in my brain or at least the deepest. I swear sometimes I'm going about my day and I start humming and have no clue why this tune is so stubbornly attached to me. Anyway the show is about two lab mice in an Acme Lab. Brain is a genius always trying to escape and his companion Pinky is an idiot creating a strange duo and some very silly punchlines from the mouth of Pinky. Their goal, TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD but that usually fails creating yet another episode and attempt to go wrong.

#8 Dexter's laboratory. While this show entertained my brothers more than me, I still think it was a pretty great show about Dexter, this young genius boy and his ditsy older sister Dee Dee who loves to dance and ends up making a mess of his lab. Nobody seems to notice that Dexter is a genius except for Dee Dee or that he has a secret lab he often spends hours inventing crazy things that go wrong because of a certain someone.

#7 The land before time. Also known as Littlefoot after the main character. This would have been in the second spot if I was talking about a television show but I remember the movie series as of having watched them over and over since it was a favorite of my little brothers when they were young. The series is about the journey a long necked dinosaur makes and the friends he makes. There first movie has a tragedy which sends Littlefoot off on his own to find an oasis.

#6 Codename: The Kids Next Door. A team of five agent kids in their tree house go up against the evils of the world, adults, teens, senior citizens and evil kids. They're referred to as Number One through Number Five as well as their names. Their gadgets and technology is often refurbished common items but grows more evolved as the show goes on. These kids go up against some seriously strange villains sometimes and inventive traps.

#5 Archie's weird mysteries. Wow those were interesting. To me it kept up a comic book feel without the exact look. It's not one off the top of my head but once I remembered it, I was reminded of how much I liked the show.

#4 Jimmy Neutron, boy genius. Okay this show was goofy. It's about a boy named Jimmy who is a boy genius, the title was a huge hint. He and his friends get caught up in trouble and he's got to solve them. His best friends are Carl and Sheen. Actually Sheen gets a spinoff show. (In my oppinion the spinoff wasn't that great but that's just my opinion.)

#3 Courage the cowardly dog. The plot of this cartoon was a dog named Courage who was actually a cowardly dog (Duh the title but it's not that simple) but who wouldn't be terrified when facing monsters, aliens, and loads of evil people or things, many who seem to go after his beloved owner Muriel and her grouchy husband Eustace who harrasses the poor dog. It's crazy and sometimes freaky and entertaining. The style has those bright colors that seemed popular in the nineties. It's set in the middle of nowhere on a farm where they get lots of very strange visitors invading their peaceful life.

#2 The Wild Thornberries. The show had a clean, bright style and showcased the Thornberry family who's parents traveled the world in an RV to record their animal documentaries. Eliza's best friend was a chimpanzee named Dawrin who could talk to her. Her older sister Debbie was a pain, an annoying typically portrayed teenager who was all about herself and was often doing her own thing and then there was her wild younger brother Donnie who didn't speak and acted more like a monkey than Darwin did. I loved the look, the sound and the comedy of this show and don't see many like this anymore.

#1 Rugrats. And Rugrats makes it to the number one slot. Even now when a rerun comes on I find myself watching it. They don't make cartoons like this anymore and I don't see why not, it's entertaining for more than little kids. Sorry I do like cartoons but most of them don't have the same feel as Rugrats. We even had the Nintendo 64 Rugrats game and I was always Lil if I played with my brothers although I have to admit I did like the twins Phil and Lil the same.

     Disclaimer; All of my opinions are my own and have not been reimbursed in any way.
The way I numbered this list between #1 and #10 aren't necessarily in order, some were pretty close to being placed at another slot. Just because I say these are my top 10 does not mean that I'm telling you these are the top, just that these are the shows I watched as a kid and listed them to share.


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