New blog look.

     If anyone noticed my blog got changed up a bit. +Luke Faust helped me out by customizing a few little things making things cleaner and adding a few features such as the Twitter feed on the side as well as a link to my Pinterest account.

     Watching over his shoulder I learned two things. One how to add a widget and two, I'll never be able to understand coding. My brother has figured out all this computer stuff on his own, I'm really proud of him.

     Since I'm thankful for my brother giving me a hand with tech I'll share a link to his first and so far only video game he's created. He made it in three days for a challenge...when I heard what he was going to do I didn't expect to see a game by one guy made so well. The graphics are awesome.

     This game is completely free to download from Game Jolt which I've been addicted to browsing since introduced to the site. If you like games where you have to dodge and the character never stops running from an evil figure on the side, you'll like this one. I don't find it as frustrating as those other games where lava rises too fast or rocks come rolling after you while expecting you to do the impossible and not mess up. This game gives you more than one way to dodge and moving attacks rather than worrying about the ground beneath your feet.

     Another interesting thing that's happened lately. CHRISTMAS SEASON HAS ARRIVED!!! Okay I'm a little too excited but I love the time leading up to Christmas the best. The music on the radio, the food that only comes once a year, all the red and green stuff (Even though I like purple, the truth is I like certain hues of every color and this red is perfect) also it means those odd Christmas tunes that end up stuck in my head at other times of the year aren't so out of place anymore.

     Is anyone else excited about something this year? A certain movie, song, food, activity that they missed during the other part of the year. I missed seeing the lights and shiny ornaments, chex mix. One thing I don't miss is the movie Christmas Shoes or the song of the same name. The two always make me cry, seriously tearjerkers since I was little. If you don't want to cry, I do not suggest watching or listening to Christmas Shoes.

Disclaimer; this is all my opinion. I was not paid for my opinion nor bribed to reveal the title of the movie I avoid watching every year. As it happens the song turned on while I was ready to post this. No lie, I mentioned it and somehow summoned it...purple sunglasses, purple sunglasses, purple sunglasses...nope I couldn't summon purple sunglasses. Must only work with things I don't want.


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