My air plant holder.

     At the end of summer my town had a gathering of people selling antiques and other odd things. There I bought a large plastic lizard to hang on my wall for fun. Unfortunately I discovered that my lizard (We shall call him Fred) was missing his claws on one leg. Being very vain, Fred didn't like being displayed on the wall so I took some copper wire, bent it, hooked it on his leg and hung up my lonely air plant I bought at an earlier little fair. Here he is showing off.

My air plant holder; easy DIY.
My air plant holder; easy DIY.


      See how happy Fred is? This is an easy DIY.

     Take a large toy (mine cost me a $1) and hang it with wire or string. I used his back legs with thin but strong wire to support his body.

     The wire came from some electrical wire left over from a project. (Stripping wire by hand is dangerous and difficult so take care when using a razor knife like I use to shave off the side of plastic encasing the copper wire) unless you like the color of the plastic then feel free to use it coated.

     With some needle nose pliers I bent the wire to loop around his broken foot. The little wire 'basket' is removable and the plant just nestles right in there. It's easy to remove the air plant whenever you need to take it down for a soak.

     Have fun, be inventive. I'd love to see some of the ideas you come up with.

Disclaimer; this idea is mine, not inspired by any other and created on a whim and any resemblance to any other is purely a coincidence. This is being shared for you to make your own.


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