What happens if you are featured in Pinterest's emails. Part two.

     I was featured in two of Pinterest's emails where they suggest certain boards or pins for you to look at. My second was my container gardening board which was featured on thanksgiving week. I went from 8, 570 to 12,396 which was not as big of a jump. I suspect it had to do with board creativity. Although my board is unique with what pins are on it. My board idea is not. I kept with the standard container gardening theme found all over Pinterest.

     The boards that were all featured had to do with container gardening, the same theme for all. I didn't see it coming this time. I didn't get the email until after running around trying to figure out why I got so much attention pouring in. Luckily I had my email set up on Pinterest so I would receive these emails after I missed out the first time.

What happens if you are featured in Pinterest's emails. part two.
     Having my board featured Thanksgiving week let me see how Pinterest is effected by the holiday. Up until the day, things are going normally. On the day of Thanksgiving people get on and pin after putting the turkey in the oven (or so it seemed when I got notifications near the time we put ours in) and afterward barely anything. the days following barely picked up remaining at a trickle compared to the first half. Once the boom is over the attention on the board dwindles down, back to normality again.

     I did just happen to get a verified account linked to my blog. Pinterest sent me an email saying they were ready to verify my account so I don't know if there's another way to get it. I do know it has to do with being a blogger. It was unexpected to receive that little check mark on my Pinterest status and just in time for Christmas.
What happens if you are featured in Pinterest's emails. part two.

     Disclaimer; all opinions are my own and written by me. Also I noticed a little rise in followers so I held off a little on this post to see how it would go but it seemed to be that some people held off until after the holidays were over to catch up on the suggested boards to follow. As of the moment of posting this I am at 12,479.

     Truthfully when I started Pinterest I just saw it as a cool scrapbook of page links. It's more than that though, it's where I collect things I like to look at or share links with others who are interested in the same things I am.


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