Altered photographs and a bit of poetry.

     I had fun sharing some of my pictures from the other day with everyone so I thought I'd share some altered ones I made. But after losing a few to an error when saving, I only have these to share.
Altered photographs and a bit of poetry; Bird on the wire, by Maridan Valor.
Bird on the wire. One of my pictures but with an addition of my artwork.

A fat little bird of blue.
A little bit dumpy,
A little bit lumpy,
A little shifty-eyed too.

The bird set off on a dare,
but sat down on the wire.
The bird went no higher
it couldn't go anywhere.
(Original poem by Maridan Valor)

Altered photographs and a bit of poetry; this structure always reminds me of a dalek from Dr. Who, by Maridan Valor
Every time I saw this structure, I thought of daleks from Dr. Who.
Disclaimer; Respect ownership of what's placed on this blog. Okay respect ownership of what's written on all blogs and what's written on frogs...although I wouldn't read a frog too closely, they don't seem to like magnifying glasses. They see monsters in the lenses. I don't get it, all I saw through mine was a very large frog.

Yeah my disclaimers...I get a little carried away sometimes. They're probably not very funny but they're creative most times.


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