February Pinterest Challenge.

     As you probably know I issued a challenge to make a Pinterest board last month, the deadline was on the first. Nobody entered but that's alright, I made a board and had fun playing along and coming up with this month's challenge.
     Since valentine's day is coming up I'm challenging you to make a valentine. It can be simple or elaborate but I'd like you to make it yourself and load it onto Pinterest as a pin.
     That's it, simple as can be. Create, pin and post your link to your pin in the comments below. Have fun, be original and it doesn't have to be lovey-dovey, it can even be undead and strange.
February Pinterest Challenge; My undead and strange valentine. by Maridan Valor.
My undead and strange valentine.
     Disclaimer, my art is my own, please don't steal it. You can find pins of things from my blog on my Pinterest account or you can pin them from my blog. Do not claim as your own but you can share the pins with anyone you want as long as the source of my blog and my signatures are kept as is.


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