A review for Wrapped Around Him by Debra Kayn

   As some of you may or may not know, Debra Kayn is my mom and a romance author. I've read some of her books, checked for misspellings and talked plots with her. Just to get this part out of the way before you think 'Oh the author's daughter was asked to promo' but in all truth that's not why I'm writing this post.
     Yesterday mom showed me this video review by Dayreader Reviews. While watching it, I couldn't help but think "When is the movie coming out?" only to remember that there's no movie, this is a book trailer which is sort of depressing because I still really want to watch it.
     So I wasn't compensated or paid for this review, actually this isn't a review at all in my opinion, I'm just sharing someone's review and my grief that this isn't a movie. Mom actually told me when I was watching it that the book was already out. I guess I spoke out loud or something while I was thinking 'this would make a great movie.'
     I think Dayreader Reviews did a great job on this video...probably too good because I sort of forgot it was a book review and thought it was a movie trailer. Now I'm obsessed with thinking it would be a good movie, that they got a great feel in their video, everything in my opinion flowed great.
     Now we'll go back to the book part. I am Debra Kayn's daughter, I have read some of her books but not this one. I know it's great, all of the other books of hers I have read are awesome. The reason I haven't read it, well she's my mom. Now I know that probably sounds rude and cold and makes me sound like a jerk but I'm too squeamish on some parts knowing my mom wrote them. Call me immature but there are some things that a girl does not want to hear her mom say, or in my case read all the...sexy scenes. (Blushing)
     I fully support my mom being an author, I even wanted to help a little so I wrote this blog post to show how much she means to me. She's a big part of the reason I started writing and blogging, even though our tastes are so different in a lot of ways. We've always been close, probably more like best friends than mother and daughter so when I say I'm proud of her, I mean it.
     Please enjoy the book trailer and share it with your friends.

     Dayreader Reviews links; facebook and their blog.
     Debra Kayn's links; you can buy the book here and her website.

     Disclaimer; I have no affiliation with Dayreader Reviews and have not been paid or compensated for this review, nor bribed with sweets and sparkly things. I am however related to Debra Kayn who better not be all misty-eyed with motherly pride over being complimented by her one and only daughter when she gets to see this blog post.
     Added note; all opinion expressed within this post are all my own. I have not been paid, compensated, bribed, blackmailed by anyone or compelled by vampires to write these words that I have scripted onto this digital page with my very own keystrokes, straight out of the mind of a terrarium obsessed woman.


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