St. Patrick's day 2015 Pinterest Challenge.

     Pinterest challenge, bwahaha did you think I'd forgotten? Just share a pin of yours, another person's pin or even a board that is green, that's it, simple and easy. simple challenge, I'm making a pin, yep sort of my thing now so my pin pic is below and it will also be on my page of pin pictures and other artwork, the link to that is here.

St. Patrick's day 2015 post and March's Pinterest challenge. Check it out, have some fun and share a little luck this holiday.

     Disclaimer; I have lost a pot of gold somewhere, possibly near a rainbow. If you find it please return it to me, the owner. The gold may or may not be made of chocolate. They may or may not be housed in a pot made of gold or silver or was it copper? It may or may not be big or small and it may or may not be heavy so lift with your legs to prevent any back injuries. If you find an angry leprechaun that's normal so just just keep walking away with the pot of gold.


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