Night Sea has a new look.

     Well I decided to customize my blog and get it off of the preset I had it set on. The color theme suits the name, sort of a darker blue.

Night Sea's new look, what do you think of it? Find out what the image is of on the blog.

     The background is my own photo I took while playing around with some water polymer beads I came up with some unique images. One of my favorites is this very background. This is a slightly larger version of the background to show you more colors and shades.

A swarm of water polymer beads by Maridan Valor.

     They do look like marbles don't they? Except they aren't, They're my collection of water polymer beads which go by more names. I'd tell you the brand but I can't remember and didn't save the package since I bought this small sample last year. I am hoping to get more and write a review on them. I love little things like this, they're fun to play around with.

     Disclaimer; I was not asked to include water polymer beads in this post nor was I asked to change my blog theme...I just wanted to.


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