Pinterest Challenge 2nd of March. Easter 2015.

     I know, I know, you're thinking "what the hey, she's already done a Pinterest Challenge this month." Am I right? Well that's true but that was for St. Patrick's day and this is for Easter which comes on the fifth of April this year.
     I'm going to give a choice, you can either give me an Easter pin as a present or leave a comment on my Easter pin. answer the question, (what part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first?) If you don't like chocolate, you can name your favorite candy or if you aren't big on sweets just comment (the bunny hopped away) or something imaginative that had your candy rabbit getting away.

2nd Pinterest challenge of March. Easter 2015 edition.
First I pluck off the eyes if it has any.
Chocolate bunnies don't need to see me eat them.
Then I go for what ever is the easiest, the ears, but
if it's a chocolate bunny like this one it would be the legs.
I am a complicated chocolate bunny consumer.

Disclaimer, chocolate bunnies are not made of real bunnies. Eating a chocolate bunny won't give you any super powers. The Easter bunny does not frown upon people eating his chocolate kin, he gives them to you doesn't he? If it looks like chocolate, smells like chocolate and tastes like chocolate it is likely chocolate.


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