May Pinterest Challenge.

     Since May is almost over I decided after going through several ideas that I would have this month's challenge be a strange selfie pin. What is a strange selfie? Well that's where things just don't seem to be right, just a bit strange. Here's the pic of the pin I'll be creating. I chose to do a pet selfie featuring my cat Frisky. She's eleven and she's chosen to hang out with...the dead.

May Pinterest Challenge; strange selfie, pin your strange selfie. This is Maridan Valor's cat Frisky starring in her strange selfie with a skeleton, Night Sea 90.

Disclaimer; some people have skeletons in their closets, I have one in my mud room. I keep asking him to leave, to stop corrupting my cat but he just silently sits there laughing at me. What should I do, he's dead and stealing my cat's affection's. She's always sneaking out there to sit beside him, it's worrying me, what if she decides that she likes him better than me? Hello, I'm the one cleaning the litter-box, not him. I guess cats just don't respect the person who fills their food dish and cleans their toilet.


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