Pinterest Etiquette #2

     When using social media sites, you expect people to be polite but that's not always so. The only thing you can control is yourself. If you don't pick fights, if you stay out of fights then you are controlling the situation by not feeding the fire. Today's Pinterest Etiquette will teach you about a couple annoyances and how to delete their comments if chaos hits your little place in Pinterest.

Trolls and Bullies. People who start fights with you or someone else on your pins. I have had people argue and bad mouth each other on my pins before. For some people it can be entertaining, for others it's horrifying that their pin has all these negative comments piling up. Mostly the ones I'm talking about are the people who pick fights, arguing against a harmless comment, name calling and yes these people can keep coming back time after time because others like them may tag their names keeping the fight going.

One thing you can do is ignore them or you can delete their comments on your pin. If they really bother you, you can block them, this means you won't be able to follow them or pin from them but it also means they won't be able to follow, repin or comment on your pins either.

Pinterest Etiquette #2; talking about trolls and bullies and more. Night Sea 90

Spammers. They post links to websites or even their own Pinterest account. Now sometimes this doesn't bother me and I have done this before when it comes up in a conversation. I had a pin that didn't have instructions but the picture was awesome. Someone brought up there were no instructions so I linked to another pin which had the instructions for the idea but another picture because they were from different sites. It came up in conversation.
     What is annoying is when people post links on pins that are unrelated just to advertise something of theirs. I've heard sunglasses is a popular ad-spam (advertized spam) but I have seen others asking to be followed and post a link to their pinterest account. Why is ad-spam bad, isn't it just annoying? No, it can be more than that, it can make it hard for some to comment afterward, it can incite negative comments and upset people who don't know how to get rid of the ad-spam.

Pinterest Etiquette #2; talking about spammers and more. Little blue haired mermaid notice. Night Sea 90

How to get rid of those negative or ad-spam comments. Since I think it's different on all computers, I'm not sure how this advice works on all machines. On a laptop there's a little X in the top right corner of the comment. you just have to click it and it will ask if you want to delete it. On my tablet which I rarely use and needs charging I don't have pictures but I hold down on the avatar until options pop up, delete comment is one of them...from what I remember. Sorry if that doesn't work, I haven't used my tablet for Pinterest in about a year.

Pinterest Etiquette #2; how to delete a comment on Pinterest. Night Sea 90
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Disclaimer; Feel free to pin my pictures to Pinterest. Blue haired mermaid loves Pinterest and often stares my tails and fins board to see what I've pinned for her lately when she's not ogling pictures of land men and jealously trying to convince me to buy her shoes when she doesn't have any feet. Nope, she's not going to get her way no matter how many times she gives me that sad pleading look.


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