July Pinterest Challenge

    It's summer, it's hot and many of us are probably dreaming of a nice cool paradise right about now knowing it's only going to get hotter. How about this contest we share anything that makes us feel a little colder?

 Find a little cool relief by looking at my escape from summer on Pinterest.

Snow in Summer art for July Pinterest Challenge; share pins or boards that help you cool down when it's hot out. Night Sea 90.
Lol, think this picture gets my point across?
Snow in Summer, Snow in Summer.
I'm melting! It's too hot!
Disclaimer; It is not entirely strange for me to look forward to Christmas so early. I actually just want snow so if you see me pinning Christmas crafts, that's me looking forward to when Heat Miser decides to go on vacation so Snow Miser can return. (A Year Without Santa Claus) If you haven't seen the movie, I've heard there are two versions. From the clips I've seen of the newest version, I recommend you see the original 1974 version first. You can also google Snow Miser/Heat Miser Song if you just want to listen to the song.


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