Local fair under the freeway.

To respect their privacy, I blurred the pictures showing any people in it.

     My weekend was sort of bittersweet, mostly sweet. Okay so I know it's Tuesday but that's where the bittersweet part comes in.

    This weekend was the local fair to end all summer fairs. Sure they aren't big, there's rarely even a kiddie ride but that's what they are, little fairs. Every year the one I wait for and the last one to go to is the sale under the underpass, (I've heard it call freeway and viaduct so I'm not sure which it actually is,) Here people set up tables and booths and sell their wares. Most of it sort of looks like a giant garage sale to me so you find both new and old...sometimes really old and sometimes expensive and other times you find little treasures.

Local fair under the freeway; Night Sea 90.
Knife, hat, wallet, lighter sort of booth.

Local fair under the freeway; Night Sea 90.
The hats of the knife, hat, wallet, lighter booth.

Local fair under the freeway; Night Sea 90.
Signs, yes those are metal signs for $10 each and they are pretty awesome.

Local fair under the freeway; Night Sea 90.
Real skulls, some of them were $15, some were $20,
I didn't really check too closely.

Local fair under the freeway; Night Sea 90.
Yes that is my ugly wall, it looks better in the picture.
Old house = old walls. My house was built in 1907.

     I bought a few things including some old coins, a tin poster for my wall, two little rock donkeys, a cast iron turtle hide-a-key or in my case trinket box, two cast iron keys, a string of fake fish and some masks. I tried taking pictures of everything I bought but most of the pictures kept coming out blurry so I'll just share a few this time to spare you the horror of seeing some bad photographs.

Disclaimer, All in all I'm pretty happy with what I bought. I like old coins that may not be worth anything but look pretty cute. The tin poster brightens up my room and I so need to learn to take discrete pictures because out of the sixty I took, only six were usable and some of those were duplicates of the same thing. Maybe I was a little too self-conscious walking around with my camera with so many people but I don't like the feeling of strangers taking my picture at things like this so I guess that influenced me a little too much even though I don't use pictures I can't blur people out of.


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