Eleven Questions

I was tagged by Tasha to answer these eleven questions.
Eleven Questions; To read and answer. Night Sea 90

1. If you could be a superhero, what would your name be and what power(s) would you possess?

     If I could be a superhero...I'd be Impossible Girl with the power to be anywhere at any time without any effect on my person so I could travel the universe and times taking amazing photographs that would be impossible for others. I think this is influenced by the fact I would love to see places all over the world but traveling itself is not something I've ever wanted to do. I have always wanted to just instantly be somewhere without use of vehicles.

2. What animal are you most like?

     Okay this is a surprisingly tough question. I'd say I'd be a cat but that's only because I like comfort and because I like lying on warm places when it's cold, I also like bells. However I would probably be closer to a panda, I'm cute, I look cuddly and think I'd look great in a panda costume.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, would you stay where you are or go somewhere else and where would you go?

     I am fine with the area I am living now since Idaho is pretty, the town is smaller and I sometimes get to walk outside and see wildlife. Also the fact that ATVs can be ridden through town as well as quads and it's legal and awesome. However if there was a place in this world where the sea met the mountains and the forest, had Scandinavian, European, Japanese and Atlantian (as in the lost city of Atlantis) influence, that would be my dream location.

4. Which character from a book, film or TV programme do you identify the most with?

     This is a difficult because I've never thought, 'oh wow that character is so me, or that show is so me' so I'm going to name off a few that I would love to visit or meet. These aren't listed in any order.

A. The Addams family, I've always loved this show. I'd love to have them as neighbors.

B. Practical magic, I'd love to live in that house. I'd also love to meet Sally and her family. Though I'm not sure I could keep up with them when it comes to midnight margaritas.

C. Doctor Who, I want to meet the doctors, see the tardis and see the aliens.

D. Harry Potter, I don't need to meet the main characters but I'd love to visit the shops and meet the Weasley family. In my opinion they're underrated and a series should be written about them or better yet a tv show "The Weasleys".

5. If you had the ability go back in time, which era would you pick and why?

     I have never really given it much thought. I did take a couple of those fun little tests and I believe one said I'd be best in the 1950s but I don't know about that.

6. Where is your favourite place to go, currently, in the world?

     The beach, I love the beach but I don't know when I'll ever get to see it again since I live in the mountains of Idaho but I have to say the beach is a place I love to visit but probably wouldn't be my favorite to live since I'd miss woods too much.

7. What is your favourite/most vivid childhood memory?

     My favorite childhood memory would be going to the river with my family. There was this one spot where there were so many rocks and a few of them may have crawled into my pockets to come home with me.

8. What is your favourite photo and why?

    I love way too many photos to just say one. (That and I'm terrible with remembering names of art and artists, not that I haven't tried but I don't have a mind for trivia.)

     I don't really have a set style that I like. Sometimes I'll see a few pictures of similar things in similar styles and can say I don't like one but love another. It doesn't really make sense to me but that's how I see things.

9. If you could choose to live inside a TV/Book/Film universe which would you choose and why?

     I'm not sure, I'd probably dwell too much on the pros and cons of each world to decide where I'd like to live. After that I'd have to weigh one universe against the other and I'm not sure how I could decide that without regretting not picking another. (Lol, it would probably end up with me trying to decide between a magical world and one with dragons, fae, elves and such (but then again if they have magic I'm there.)

10. What is the one thing you'd wish for at this given moment?

     My dream house. It would be amazing and a mix of everything I love. I pin way too much to my future house board.

11. If the future you sent you a short message for where you are now, what would it say?

     The lottery numbers for (date) are (lotto numbers) (a word I'd recognize for verification so I knew the letter was from me).

Disclaimer; I'm not going to tag another blogger with another set of questions, instead I'm going to let anyone who wants to answer the questions to feel free to comment or link to this post in their own blog.

1. If you had to get a pattern for a tattoo, what pattern would you choose?

2. What is the holiday you'd celebrate more than once a year?

3. If you could have a book that held stories like an e-book or an e-book, which would you pick? The paper book would function just like an e-book's library but you can flip the pages and none of it would look digital.

4. If you could blend two superpowers together, what two would you pick and why?

5. If you could only wear one color the rest of your life, what would it be? You could accessorize with other colors but your main outfit has to be one color such as your pants and shirt or your dress. your shoes don't have to match.

6. If told to make either a five foot tall dollhouse out of toothpicks, what would you do?

A. Do as told because you're curious to what it's for or you really just want to make it.
B. Pay someone an insane amount to make it for you.
C. Be tricky about it but still build that five foot tall dollhouse out of toothpicks.

7. Do you prefer lights or lamps? (lamps being the movable light you can place from one room in a house to another while lights being the type you can't move such as a ceiling light.)

8. Ice cream, pie, cake or no dessert? You can only pick one.

9. If you have a pet, what is the weirdest thing it's ever done?

10. Favorite book/author/series/poem/poet/lyrics/quote.

11. Name something from your past that's no longer made that you think should be brought back.

     Well this is awkward, this is where my disclaimers usually go...okay um good luck with the questions.


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