5 things I like/dislike about November.

     Here is a list of five things I like and five things I dislike about November.

5 things I like/dislike about November; This photo is of wild Idaho turkeys. Check out the blog and other posts for more pictures.

     Things I like about November.

1. Leaves falling, the threat of snow.

2. When people put up Christmas lights early.

3. Bundling up in warm blankets.

4. Candles, I love candles.

5. The animals coming out of the woodwork where they'd previously been in the woods all summer.

     Things I dislike about November.

1. Thunder/lightning storms. I don't mind the wind and rain but I'm not a fan of those bigger storms.

2. Allergies, but then again I can say that most of the year.

3. Dressing up in costumes is now not the norm.

4. Plants no longer bloom, they die down or freeze to death until spring.

5. Too much tempting food, the knowledge that in one month there will be sugary sweet foods I shouldn't eat. Thanksgiving dinner regrets which happen every year (I blame it all on the turkey)

Disclaimer, we have wild turkeys in the backyard. My family raised some turkeys when I was a kid. Me being a big baby, I was scared of the birds at first...for longer than I should have been. They chased me around, those things are fast for fat fowl. It took me a while before I realized the white turkeys we owned just enjoyed chasing people and would slow to a stop instead of attacking, they were people-birds and enjoyable after a while.

     We also raised brown turkeys, these ones I hated, no love for them. they were not people-birds, they were people-haters and didn't taste good. Yeah that's right, I grew up raising some farm animals and farm animals get eaten.


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