November Pinterest Challenge

     Everyone knows November stands for....wait I'm drawing a blank. What is November? Aah I can't remember anything about November. This is the largest brain fart in history. (Yes I did say fart, giggle all you want.)

     Help me remember what November is all about. I'm confused, Is November an animal, a food, that brick house on that street in that town in that state in that country?

     Wait, I think I'm starting to remember. November is all about, popcorn and gob...gob...goblins.If I remember, there is something about a thankful giving beast. I wonder why the beast is so thankful it gives away presents.

November Pinterest Challenge; How to play, instructions are on blog but to make it short copy the URL of a pin (the address bar) and past it into the comments of the blog post. This is a family friendly game meant for all ages.

     Instructions, Pin what November means to you from recipes to color and even outfits you want to bundle up in. Use these pins to describe your version of November. If you are confused on the game, instructions are up top on the page tab marked Pinterest Page Details or this link will take you there

     Thanks for playing and enjoy this family friendly game. Be sure to share it.

Disclaimer; Okay, okay this is just for bit of silly fun this month. I'm also already thinking about December's challenge if you want to leave suggestions for it below as well I'll take them in for consideration.


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