In memory; Wishbone

     As of today, November 19th, it's been two years since I lost my childhood friend, my dog Wishbone. She was 17 years old and passed away peacefully in her sleep how we'd hoped she would.

     When I was little, had to be about six years old I guess, I remember my parents stopping at some house advertising free puppies. That is where we got Wishbone who was at one time or another, my nanny, my best friend, family and the occasional pest. To me she was the best dog in the world. She always seemed to count my siblings and I to make sure she knew where we all were when we were running around, always stayed close and followed us until she got too old and handed the job over to Abby who is seven years younger than her.

     She had so much patience, no matter how often my siblings dressed her in their clothes, when we ran off in different directions, she never got snappish or fed up with us. She happily let us put anything on her, gobbled up any treats we gave her, soaked up the attention we gave her, defended us from strangers and kept us safe from local mole invasion.

     The last few years she'd lost some hearing, sense of smell, sight, not enough to stop her but she took to barking for attention and those dog farts of hers were legendary enough nobody could mistake who that smell came from. She'd gained weight but never had any health problems and she still had tiny bursts where she'd run a short distance, I still blame that habit of hers on the fact she was a herding dog.

     Not once did she have accidents in the house in her old age. She even traveled over five states in the car with us during the summer. she did so well during that trip with it's frequent breaks so we could move to our new house together. It reminded me of little trips we took her on when she'd been a puppy and I really like to think that she loved that last trip with us and hung around until she knew our new house was a nice safe place for us.

     I thought I could make it through this post dry eyed but I failed. I thought 'It's been two years, I can finally write about her without bawling.' but I can't. When you know someone for 17 years, hold them as a puppy as they fall asleep, run around with them, play games, and live with them for their whole lives, it isn't easy for them to suddenly not be there anymore.

    This post is in loving memory of Wishbone 11/19/2013

In memory of my dog Wishbone; So very camera shy, these are some of the few pictures I have of Wishbone. Night Sea 90.
So very camera shy, these are some of the few pictures I have of Wishbone.
These pictures date back to the 90s (lego picture bottom right)

Disclaimer; there's no disclaimer this time.


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