Baby moose on the loose

     First post of 2016 so I thought I'd start the year off sharing pictures of the baby moose that's been hanging out lately. I got a tripod for Christmas and used it to take these pictures, so please enjoy and let me know what animals you frequently see near you.

Is this picture a little too majestic?
Who's going to knight this moose?

Rude moose, can you see it's tongue?
Lol, I love when I catch a shot of an animal's tongue in a photo.

I didn't white out the bottom half of the picture, that's snow.
"Where's my feets?"

What is a blog post about animals without showing their butt?
Instead of elk butt, it's moose butt. This is becoming a habit.
I blurred the background because I don't like showing houses.

Maybe moose yoga will be the trend this year.

Can you see it's little tongue, so cute.
Disclaimer; never approach a moose, baby or not they are dangerous. You never know if the mama is around but I'm pretty sure after a week this one's mother is gone. It however seems old enough to survive as long as it stays out of the road and away from wolves.

Do not chase wildlife either, sure most times they will spook but do you want to risk them turning the tables on you? Stay safe, watch from a distance and drive safely if you see them while you're driving. I don't know how many times someone is driving and sees the moose or elk and parks right in front of my shot.


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