Last post of 2015

     This is the last post I'm going to write for the year of 2015 but don't worry I'll be back next year (sometime next week when I finish editing photos) I guess I can't count on photo editing as a new years resolution because my computer is so slow and frustrating.

     Here is a roundup of some top posts of 2015.

#1 readers' favorite blog post

#2 readers' favorite blog post

#1 blogger's favorite blog post

#2 blogger's favorite blog post

A post that's been long forgotten 💔  

     I guess all that's left is what I look forward to for the new year.

     1. Possibly selling some art/jewelry if things work out this year.

     2. Taking more photos, now with tripod. Yep I got the tripod I mentioned wanting in this post and took this picture with it. Oh come on, we need a bear to wander down our street now.

Last post of 2015; top favorite posts, things I want for 2016, baby moose picture taken with my brand new...gotta read the blog to find out what that was.

     3. Maybe get a tattoo, I've been wanting one for years and am partial to fish and tiny simple tattoos but have yet to find one that suits me yet.

     4. I want to work on more art projects.

     5. I would love to write more reviews. I enjoy writing them.

     6. Get to talk to more bloggers and readers, I've enjoyed the conversations we've had and the comments I've received. Thank you all for making my year ❤

Disclaimer; Ironically readers' favorite post #2 was one of my favorites too. Right now we have wild turkeys in our yard, do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of giant messy wild birds without spooking them? It means blurry pictures through windows. Expect pictures one of these times because I don't think they'll be leaving any time soon.


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