This blogger's Christmas list.

Dear Santa,

    I want a unicorn and a puppy and a...

     Actually I've never been fond of unicorns, most depictions of them are just weird to me, why would I want a horse with a horn when I could have a horse with wings or a dragon. I don't know why unicorns have never been my thing, they're cute but not my first choice.

    On with the list, it's more of a rambling list of wants than an actual Christmas list.

1. I would like a tripod to make taking pictures easier, my hands aren't the steadiest I'll never be a surgeon, not that I ever wanted to be one

2. I want to be able to connect with brands and review products, it would be great if that also helped out my limited craft supplies due to a very tiny budget. Actually I don't have a budget for splurging but sometimes I manage to get some glue. I hope to change this in the future and bring about more craft projects to blog about.

3. Marimo, I would love more marimo and accessories for tanks. I can't believe how expensive fish decorations are, I swear they use to be cheaper and my eternal hunt for a plastic fish safe evergreen tree is hopeless. I've seen them in pictures online and have yet to find where I can buy them. Yes it probably seems a little silly to be obsessing over a little decoration but I wanted to do a mountain theme with a few rocks and trees.

4. Plants, I love terrariums but other than my marimo and a few chicks and hens which I sort of got from my mom's flowerbed. Sorry mom but I swear they were rescues and very tiny and from like a year ago. I have had no luck finding anything small enough for a jar locally. I can't even find more than one type of mint and it isn't the lemon mint I've been wanting since my last one died off several years ago.

5. Faux fur fake cat ears (sometimes called fox ears) which clip into hair. I've seen a cute purple pair online that I wish was just a little cheaper for something I'd probably only wear now and then.

6. Kawaii cute things, I own like nothing adorably cute aside from a couple of stuffed animals and a couple of necklaces.

7.  Souvenirs, collectibles, things from places I'll never visit. I may have to buy some of these online but I think it would be a cool thing to have, little pieces of places around the world. I treasure my little box of things I've collected (minus the scorpion sucker I threw out because it was a gift and I wasn't going to eat it after 3 years of staring at it)

     Okay that's enough of my weird sort of a rant list. Have a merry Christmas, happy holidays and this post may or may not have been brought to you by five Christmas elk, pictured below.

This blogger's Christmas list. Here are five Idaho elk wishing you a Merry Christmas on a rainy December day.
Here are five Idaho elk wishing you a Merry Christmas on a rainy December day.

Disclaimer; Believe it or not, I've always had trouble making Christmas lists, it usually takes me weeks unless I cheat and write down stuff I've been ogling all year. This year I haven't even told anyone what I want but I'm fairly simple on things I like, look up my pinterest boards (Actually don't do that, you wouldn't know what I pin because I like the picture, got an idea for something based off the pic or if I really want it other than the fact it's on my wants board.)


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