December Pinterest Challenge

     It's here, my December Pinterest Challenge, aka my Christmas edition. I thought about snowflake pictures but that would probably get old after a while. I also thought, snow...but then not everybody has that and then I figured it out, Christmas trees or your variation of it. I'm totally into the idea of a non-traditional tree.

December Pinterest Challenge; Come and play my original game. Family fun, pin sharing. Maridan Valor of Night Sea 90.

     I would love to DIY a few non-traditional trees but the ones I really like don't seem that easy to recreate to me. I just figured out how to embed pins, a little tricky for me still so they don't sit how I want them to but I'll learn how to fix that after a while...probably.

I love the invisible tree, I'd need some strong wire to craft it. If I ever come across enough one of these years, I can see trying to craft this.

    I'm really adoring this umbrella tree, it would look so cute in my room. Now if only I could find some cheap umbrellas like this, I have just the corner for it and could find a way to display my small collection of folding fans.

     This white Christmas tree is so pretty, I would literally display it all year long. I love how the ornaments are nestled inside. I don't know why but this one is probably my favorite Christmas tree of all time.

     There are also trees like this which are incredibly simple, very cool, stores flat and would totally end up being played with by me. I could see someone who's got a few skills with power tools (I don't qualify, I don't use saws) this could totally be an easy feat for someone who has the supplies and the skills. It stores flat which is a bonus.

     If you are interested in more Christmas pins, I have several boards but most of the Christmas trees I pin are on this board.

     Alright, lets see those tree ideas, what sort of tree would be your dream tree, what ornaments, do you use Christmas trees, apple trees, cardboard trees, invisible trees or a jar full of ornaments? Lets spread holiday cheer. Post the URL in the comments. If you don't know what a URL is, here's a post about it.

Disclaimer; Our tree isn't up yet, I can't post pictures of it but expect it in an upcoming post once we dig it out of it's box. Yep, we don't have a living tree, although we have had them before but I think I prefer artificial.


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