The moon last night

     I've always wanted to take pictures of the moon but my camera always takes blurry photos whenever I try. The moon was so pretty I tried again, same results despite all the settings I tried out. Time after time I've done this, tried to take pictures of the moon how I've seen others do but I still can't figure out how they get anything else in the picture with the details of the moon without it looking like a flashlight in the sky.

     Something incredible happened I found a setting to take a close up of the moon. I still need to figure out how to take one further out but when I zoom up on the moon with this setting I end up with the best moon pictures I've ever taken.

The moon last night; how I took this photo when my camera typically can't get more than glow in the sky when photographing the moon.

     Want to know how I took this picture? I used the museum setting. Whaaat? Isn't that for museums? I thought that too but when I was looking at the pictures I was taking which had this glare and the example on the settings screen I realized that it removed glare from display cases which are usually lit up, right? It removed the glare and allowed me to take some amazing shots.

     I use a GE full HD X600 14.4 mega pixels camera. Now what that means...I have no clue. It's rechargeable, I love it so much but it doesn't take very much video and that drains the battery

     I've had several cameras in my life and this is the best I've ever used. I've had a cheap digital purple one which was cute but took awful pictures not worth keeping. I got one when I was fifteen for my birthday after saving up for half of it, an almost $200 dollar camera, that was ten years ago but it was a good camera despite eating through batteries like candy. Two years later my mom bought her own camera, now why do I bring this up? I got it after she got a new one after that one, that one was even better than my first, two years does make a difference, the battery power but I still preferred my original camera until I got this new one last Christmas.

     Now all I need is a tripod, between taking pictures of the moon, macro shots, the elk shots, I could definitely use a tripod, both a short one and a tall one. I don't have the steadiest hands, many of my photos end up blurry. To me this moon picture is fuzzy, can't tell if it's because of how far away the moon is, if my camera is just not up to the task or if my hands just weren't steady enough despite the fact I leaned against fencing and doorways to try and steady myself for that intense zoom.

Disclaimer; I've always wanted to take some of those amazing macro shots where you can see a whole snowflake zoomed up to detail or shots of the moon. 


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