My Tarot Cards

     On twitter I had a poll up which gave four choices to vote on what I'd write for my next blog post. It didn't get many votes...only one so whoever voted for tarot cards, this is the post you wanted to see. If you would have voted, what would you have picked? I'll add the top choice in the next poll I run.

My Tarot Cards; I had a twitter poll of choices and tarot card won so I'm showing off my deck and giving a reading for fun.

     I've always liked Tarot cards, they go along well with my like of fortune cookies and love of witch/power movies and books. When I bought this deck I was probably eighteen since I bought it when I bought The Host by Stephanie Meyer which I think came out in 2008. Kind of a weird purchase since the book and the cards have nothing to do with each other but I had money from my birthday and had always wanted a deck of Tarot cards.

My Tarot Cards; just showing off my cards and trying out a reading.
The back of my tarot deck.
     I actually have two decks, the first is my favorite and the second is an angel deck which I don't really care for. I basically love my first deck because it's more traditional and looks pretty cute displayed like this.

My Tarot Cards; just showing off my cards and trying out a reading.
I display my cards in a glass globe on a copper mold pan....
is it called a bundt pan? I don't know what it is, I found it at a thrift store.
     Okay so I'll do a reading, thankfully I kept the books for my cards, not that I ever figured out how to do more than the three card setup and mostly it's about interpretation. If anyone reading this knows anything about tarot decks can you tell me how I do? I'm really curious since my style is 'Lets-go-with-my-gut-on-this' and not 'lets-memorize-the-book'...okay so do this.

My Tarot Cards; just showing off my cards and trying out a reading.
Displayed above are the...
Knight of pentacles.
Five of swords.
Two of swords reversed.
Knight of pentacles; hard working, patient, at times may seem slow, honest and a loyal friend

Five of swords; battles, enemies, and change. it can mean failure and loss of some sort depending on the surrounding cards. Being able to pick up the shattered pieces and create something new, maybe more realistic. The loss may be a minor loss or some sort of underhanded hollow victory.

Two of swords reversed; Think carefully, this card denotes release and resolution. Positive changes require careful handling. Don't impulsively sign anything without reading the fine print. People around you may be leading you along for their benefit

     Okay the facts above are basic things from my book so I guess I should interpret. I had my blog/readers in mind so maybe this will work for one of you. Just be known I'm not a professional card reader and I am just doing this for fun.

     You've patiently worked hard and despite the slow progress you feel your goals are getting closer. You may have a few minor setbacks but it's nothing you won't bounce back from, but after all your hard work and patience you're finally seeing some positive changes but things are not always as good as they seem. Make sure to reread the fine print and possibly consult a close friend for an honest opinion before signing anything.

     Hmm...what do I think about this reading? I hope it means new blog opportunities for me but it could as easily be meant for you. It sounds pretty good to me, hard work being paid off, a little warning to be careful about checking the small print but then again I believe you should always check the fine print when you sign things, deals are not meant to be rushed.

Nope I don't have anything big planned, just hopes.

Disclaimer; I do not own a Ouija board and truthfully I don't think I want to but I do love the look of them, as art they're pretty cool but I'm not much for spooky things and those appear way too often in horror movies which I so don't like. Are you a fan of horror movies/books or shudder at the suggestion?


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