I planted my cacti

    I picked up $2 cacti, first ones I've seen in years so I'm probably going to pick up a couple of more if there are any left. The bowls I planted them in I bought a couple years ago and were just waiting for me to buy some cacti that weren't overpriced.

    Anyway I finally got the cacti planted sort of identically. What you see on top is fish tank gravel which I think looks pretty good on top. below that is a mix of potting soil and sand since cactus soil was too hard to find. I also put some rocks on the bottom since there's no drainage hole. I also put some charcoal above the rock hoping it will stave off any unwanted bacterial or fungal growth.

Disclaimer; I've never owned my own cactus before so hopefully I don't kill these off. My longest living plant is a stalk of lucky bamboo I've had for over nine years.


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