Flashlights and jars

     So we all know winter weather can cause some blackouts, especially with the heavy snow. If you don't like sitting in the dark but all you have is some flashlights, you can try this little trick because who actually likes holding a flashlight, especially when you're trying to use both hands?

Visible in the picture is my work in progress snow terrarium.
What you'll need;
A flashlight
A clear glass container such as a jar. (I used a terrarium but you can use anything you'd like as long as it's not filled too much.)

Step one; place glass vessel upside down.
Step two; place flashlight on what is now the top of the glass container, on with the light aimed downward.
Step three; now you have a way to have hands free light to do everything from reading to not walking into end tables.

Disclaimer; My flashlight is purple. It however is wonky, sometimes wont' shut off and will turn itself back on on it's own because the button is tricky but it's purple so I obviously forgive it for wasting battery life.


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