April Pinterest Challenge

     I'm a little late getting this post out because I've been a bit distracted this month so lets skip right to this month's Pinterest Challenge. To change things up, this challenge will be share your favorite pinners. Who do you love to follow? If not a person then maybe a board or an interest. Let other people know who you get a lot of great pins from.

     As always keep it family friendly, no accounts that are full of fan service, underwear or anything that kids shouldn't be seeing. Any links that don't follow the rules will be deleted. Thank you for following the rules.

April Pinterest Challenge; people to follow, share some of your favorite Pinterest accounts and see a few of mine.
These are just a few of the Pinners I follow.

Polly: also known as Forest Mermaid. You can follow on Pinterest

Natasha De Vil; follow on Pinterest

Natasha Hill; follow on Pinterst

Garden Expressionist; follow on Pinterest

Roxy Velasquez: follow on Pinterest

Marimo_Mermaid follow on Pinterest or Twitter

Lol, I am Marimo_Mermaid but I do repin a lot of things from that account due to the fact different accounts find different pins you never see on your own searches.

Disclaimer; None of the people I've shared links to know of this post until I share it live. I just felt like sharing some of my favorite pinners.


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